What Does Your SEO Trend Report Graph Look Like?

by Laura Thieme

What does your SEO Trend Report Graph look like over a 6-12 month period?  Is the SEO ranking improving or getting worse in the search engines for your most important keyword phrase(s)?

Starting position in August 2013: 16 (2nd page).
Position as of Feb/4/2014: 7 (1st page).
Goal: Top 3 organic ranking
Please note: Downward graph trend is improvement in Google organic ranking

What Does Your SEO Report Look Like?

What Does Your SEO Trend Report Look Like?

Bizwatch has worked with a small business since June of 2013 to monitor its PPC spend, and its SEO visibility.  They had hired an SEO company that engaged in link building, which included some suspicious links.

After monitoring and seeing little improvement, we were asked by the small business to clean up their Google organic / SEO record.  We double checked and made minor modifications to their on-page SEO.  They have all the best practices on their website, page titles with appropriate keyword phrases, meta description, page heading, and relevant content.  They have a popular blog that is updated frequently by user-submitted content, but the one thing that they lacked was a Google + presence.

In October, we disavowed a few suspicious links, and saw very little improvement despite following best practices via Matt Cutts recommendations.  But all of a sudden, in December we began to see SEO ranking improvement.  Here’s what was done in December:

1) two Google + posts

2) minor on-page adjustment

Then, the small biz noticed their Google organic ranking started to drop again.  See January ranking declines in both graphs.  The first graph is for the plural version of the keyword.  Second is for the singular version.

So, we did two more Google + posts in the past week for the related site and referenced one of their products, linked to the site, etc.

Guess what? The ranking improved again.  It’s already bumped to #10, after two G+ posts.

Is this an anomaly? Unrelated? Industry colleagues say that this and other SEO ranking improvements could be correlated to the G+ post(s).  In 2014, SEO efforts will include, whether you like it or not, Google + and other off-page ranking factors.

Is Google Plus Helping This SEO Ranking Trend?

Is Google Plus Helping This SEO Ranking Trend?

As a result of this small R&D project, any Bizwatch customer who is monitoring their SEO ranking trends, would you do a 30-day Google + (plus.google.com/yoursite) challenge?  Post one topic 2-3 lines, link to your website, and reference your core keyword phrase in your post.  Post at least 3x/week.  See if your ranking for those target keyword phrases improves.  We’d love to share results, anonymously, like you see in these charts with your permission.

Example G+ Post #1: Company A manufactures its [target keyword phrase] in the USA.  We’ve been in business since 1976.  We’re located in American Town, and hours are 8-5 EST, Monday – Friday.

Example #2:  February Promotion: Get free keyword research for your website so you can target the best keyword phrases for your products & services when you subscribe to our SEO reports in February, 2014.  Reg: $99/mo  Promotion: $49/mo with Coupon Code: 2QDK6CXP48.
(Example 2 Target Keyword Phrases: Keyword Research, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Reports)

If you are not yet a Bizwatch SEO Performance Report customer, sign up for SEO Reports, get free keyword research and get $50/off per month by using the coupon code as indicated when you check out online (no contract required).  Call our new number at the top of this page with any questions.


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