Shark Tank: Which Entrepreneurial Site Has the Best SEO Visibility – Check Out This SEO Report to Find Out

by Laura Thieme

Want to see how well entrepreneurial startups are doing with their SEO efforts to market their products online? Just how hard is it to rank in Google & Bing for their keywords, and what type of search volume exists online for their products? I’ll pull a Bizwatch Keyword Discovery Report, an SEO Report and a Bizwatch Top SEO Competitor Report.

Last week, I found one of the Shark Tank Entrepreneurs was doing great for brand name keywords but had lots of SEO work in the more competitive keywords that would be more likely to send her new customers and online sales.

Entrepreneurs featured on tonight’s show include:

  1. – FDA approved accupressure wrist bands to relieve nausea – has online sales $1M, wants $250k for 10%; Wrist band retails for $15, $600k in debt (wanting to pay herself back), unable to indicate or promise relief to a certain percentage of people;
  2. Nuts N’ More, sugar free nut butter (50% online) – indicated they have a valuation of $1.5M, and need $250k for 20%.
  3. Neo Mag Light, a home tattoo removal device
  4. Jeska Shoe Company

Nuts-N-More gets offered $250k for 75%.  Countered 30% for $75k.  Robert & Mark Cuban countered again at 35% with $75k and future options.  Nuts-N-More accepted the counter offer.  Go gourmet, super protein peanut butter & almond butter.

Mr. Wonderful made his offer in exchange for 40% of the company; but’s entrepreneur did not want anything more than 10% for $250k.  So she walked away.  Want to know how many people are searching for her product online?

Tattoo removal – Neo Mag Light – removes tattoos with 50 watt bulbs.  A home based sales.  People find them on Amazon & eBay.  1,200 units.   FDA approval takes $20k-$100k.  Shark Tank loves the idea, but too much risk in getting sued if there are any product design flaws.  Liability is the real issue for these guys, thus all the sharks swam away on this one.

Last up, is the Jeska Shoe Company.  Let’s see how she nets out. She’s from Arkansas.  70k for 70% of the company.