SEO Expert Series: Do Google+ Weekly Posts Improve Google SEO Rankings?

by Laura Thieme

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Do weekly Google+ page posts improve Google SEO rankings?

Do Weekly G+ Page Posts Improve Rankings

Do Weekly G+ Page Posts Improve Rankings?

Want to find out?

  1. If you are NOT a Bizwatch customer, go to this URL & get a FREE SEO Audit & Keyword Research Report for your website address & 10 keywords
  2. If you are a Bizwatch monthly SEO reporting customer, proceed to #3.
  3. Choose 1-3 keywords in your SEO report, that you are ranked on the 2nd or 3rd page
  4. Commit to doing three months of weekly G+ page posts to see if your rankings improve for 1-3 keyword phrases.
  5. To take part in this G+ SEO ranking research study, you must be a new Bizwatch reporting customer, and you can get our SEO reports for 50% off while you participate in the study for three months.  Reg: $99/mo reduced to $49/mo with coupon code for 3 months.
  6. Subscribe to Bizwatch reports with this coupon code to get 50% off of bi-weekly tracking SEO reports.  
    coupon code:      sameday
  7. You can subscribe or re-subscribe to Bizwatch reports, by logging into your SEO reports at the above URL.  Click on green button, Subscribe Now, and choose the $99/mo option.
  8. Here’s what your Google+ posts need to resemble
  9. Sample keyword phrase     “yoga mats” — use whatever you want
  10. incorporate topic-related “yoga mat” G+ weekly page posts as part of your SEO strategy
  11. Sample Google+ or G+ page post (must be your G+ page associated with your website):
    We’ve just added over 15 different yoga mats to our ecommerce website.  Check them out here (insert or URL shortener link to your yoga mat page).
  12. Schedule a phone call with us about your post tactics, wording and strategy to ensure optimal results.

Monitor your rankings for “yoga mats” for up to three months as a regular Bizwatch SEO reporting customer at the reduced rate of $49/month for up to 50 keywords.  Any site that we see has improved rankings, we will share results anonymously without mentioning your company name, domain name, or keyword phrases as noted in the picture above.  Then, you get the next 3 months and a one-hour SEO consult for free, worth $500.

We are recruiting 25 companies to take part in this research project.  Thanks!

Contact us if you have questions or comment on our G+ post regarding this research project.

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