March 20, 2017

Custom SEO Audit

Custom Organic SEO Audit 

Includes an Organic SEO audit | Google Search Console | Keyword Research

  • Benchmark current organic / SEO visibility in Google
  • Access and review Google Search Console to ensure there is not anything else we need to be aware of that could be harming or contributing to YOY KPI changes
  • Access and review organic KPIs in Google Analytics (YOY and last 13 month trends)
  • Determine top areas for significant improvement (5-10)
  • Present top-performing keywords with supporting trend data
  • Includes extended keyword research & discovery on historical keywords
  • Expand keyword research to determine missed opportunities for additional branding and sales
  • Benchmark keywords for organic / SEO visibility to determine areas of strength, weakness and significant optimization requirements
  • Up to 2 SEO reports may be necessary & up to 300 keywords will be researched
  • Review of Google Webmaster Search Console data to determine crawling, mobile page speed, sitemap, any other issues that may be needed.