Scrub Daddy, Brand Awareness & Shark Tank March 14

by Laura Thieme

In the past few weeks, I’ve live-blogged Shark Tank and run keyword discovery on the featured entrepreneurs for SEO purposes.  It’s interesting to see what type of search volume some products get, and whether due to the show, if brand awareness is starting to show in the online search databases.

Tonight was a repeat episode, but new for us.  It originally aired in October, 2012.  Aaron Krause of Scrub Daddy ( & @ScrubDaddy) is looking for 100k for 10% equity to help build his manufacturing facilities.  He’s got a smiley face scrub tool, which changes based on cold vs hot water.  It was pretty awesome and Scrub Daddy has to be the best product demo I’ve seen in a long time.  Scrub Daddy has been featured on QVC 3x, and each time his sales went up 30% over the previous time. His total sales seem low at $100k.  See below for keyword discovery on Scrub Daddy.

Why does Kevin O’Leary always want 50% and royalties? He was immediately rejected.  Lori wants $100k for 30%.   Daymond initially offered $50k.  $100k for a royalty.  Daymond upped it to $150k for a 25% stake.  Lori changes it for $100k for 25%.  $100k for 10% royalties on every sale.  Oh my gosh, they are fighting over them.  You want this, right!  $150k for 25%.  They are seriously bidding up, $175k for a 25% – Daymond and Lori fighting over it.  You should be taking Lori’s offer!  Scrub Daddy asked for 20% instead, and believe it or not, Lori went for it.  Cool deal! Interesting to see the dynamics between two sharks fighting it out.

The Bear & The Rat Dog Treats ( Valuation exceeds sales by 21x.  In Colorado, the show has gone to the dogs! Whole Foods, PetCo.  Lori Greiner is out, but loves the couple.  Robert liked them, but he was out too. Although the scene with him trying to interact with the rat terrier was hilarious.  From an entertainment perspective, probably the funniest part of the show. No deal for them, but see how much people search online for dog treats  (see below).

Daniel Wood & Martschinke of SBU – Self Balancing Unicycle – and want 300k for 10%. This is similar to Segway -but different – motion is intuitive to your movements.  Can put it under your desk at work.  Nerdy laugh, no doubt.  Ride nerdy! Robert always takes the chance to get into the product, taking it for a spin.  Kevin follows and really likes it! The SBU retails for $1800 – Kevin wants one. $350 cost. Sold it from the website. Just finished up 100 units in production.  It was discussed that the guy who bought the Segway died.  Lori loves the guys, but not the product.  Daymond unwilling to take the risk and go down the Segway route.  $1M in profit likely and projected- how do you do quality assurance if mfg overseas – good question by Mark Cuban.  Mark doesn’t want to do the overseas manufacturing.

The most advanced – IP – patents filed.  Ebite? technology licensed – already receiving royalties.  $25k in 3 months.  Not at a 3M valuation.  Both Robert & Kevin wants in on the deal.  Kevin compared it to spending $5k for an electric bike and thinks there will be a huge market for this.  So they did the deal.  Missed the specific deal amounts, but guessing it was split down the middle for $300k in return for slightly more than mentioned above since there was concern about the valuation.

Shelton Wilder -60k for 20%.  Has a slip and undergarment or foundation piece.  Loves fashion.  The scoop.  The Shemie.  References to Nordstrom – Something is wrong with this deal.  For this reason, I am out.

Keyword Discovery (get keyword discovery for your business)

So, after the show runs, I begin to check online research on how popular certain keyword phrases are.  I typically only do this for 1 or 2 sites, or those that got the deal.


  1. ScrubDaddy -21 searches (good brand awareness to see this type of search volume)
  2. Scrub Daddy sponge – 5 searches
  3. cellulose scrub sponges – 2 searches
  4. As Scrub Daddy mentioned, this was not intended to be something that sells from a shelf, it screams infomercial,  QVC and As Seen on TV.  Thus, also not surprising to see online searches.  Who would search for a sponge online when you buy at your store easily and it’s cheap.  What is good to see, is the brand awareness Scrub Daddy received from appearing on the show, and QVC, and thus you can actually see searches for their brand name.

Rat & Bear Cool Treats may not have gotten a deal, but check out the searches:

  • Dog treats – 470 searches
  • natural dog treats – 142 searches
  • all natural dog treats – 101 searches
  • mini naturals dog treats – 85 searches
  • triumph super peanut butter dog biscuit – 93 searches
  • frozen peanut butter and yogurt dog treats – 1 search
  • literally hundreds of keyword variances and possibilities
  • this is a popular search item online, and thus while they did not get a deal they might do well selling online because people are definitely looking for an alternative to the dog treat products sold at your local grocery store.  That said, not many people searching for frozen yogurt dog treats.  Perhaps they need to branch into good old fashioned, all natural dog treats (and less the frozen yogurt kind).

SBU – Self Balancing Unicycle

  • self balancing unicycle – 1 search
  • sbu v3 self-balancing unicycle – 3 searches
  • sbu – 108 searches (but this could be for anything – and thus, can be an issue with acronym type names online)
  • unicycles – 34 searches
  • unicycles san diego – 13 searches
  • electric bikes – 334 (Kevin mentioned how he just bought a $5k electric bicycle and thinks there will be a huge market for this) – if we go based on searches, he’s right
  • brompton electric bikes – 80 searches
  • electric bikes for sale – 13 searches
  • The question for this company is keywords – it’s not an electric bike, clearly, but you the search volume for unicycles is low.
  • Would it not be a search for unicycles, would it be a search for Segway? Those who liked Segways, would they like the SBU? For comparison,
  • Segway – 1083 searches
  • segway scooter price
  1. In closing, this is the beginning of keyword discovery.  You do some preliminary keyword research, you then run a Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report to see where you:
  • Rank for keyword phrases in Google & Bing
  • Predictive searches based on Wordtracker data
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