Page Titles Really Matter – Improve Organic Rankings in Google and Bing

Page Titles Really Matter! Improve Rankings

by Laura Thieme

I’ve written about SEO & page titles for years.  In fact, I’ve been changing corporate website page titles since 1997.  While many SEO experts might say that on-page doesn’t matter anymore, or that metatags (page titles and meta descriptions) make a difference, I can prove positively that titles matter.  Take a look at this website’s page ranking before making a page title update, and then notice the major improvement.

Major improvement after updating page title & page heading

Major improvement after updating page title & page heading

In addition to adding keyword to beginning of page title, before company name, it’s also good to add keyword to page heading, if appropriate.  Some times this is not an easy change to make, but inform management of two options: 1) with the keyword in the page title & heading (best results) or 2) only in the page title.

In this case, I was able to make the page title change immediately, and within a week of convincing management, we added the keyword to the page heading.  Big improvements. However, for all target keywords, we want top 3, so since their site plateaued on the one keyword phrase at #7, they will have to do more to earn a better organic ranking.

Another variance of Farmingdale keyword

Another variance of Farmingdale keyword

What’s next on how to improve rankings?

Content, footers, social media & much more.

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