New Feature in March 2014 – Link Google Analytics Engagement Metrics Data inside Google Adwords Reports

by Laura Thieme

Ever wish you could see Google Analytics engagement metrics inside Google Adwords without having to go back and forth between Analytics? Now, you can.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to Google Adwords and choose the account you wish to enable
  2. Go to Account Settings, which is currently displayed as a gear box in the top right hand corner, as of 3/2014.Adwords-Gear-Box
  3. Choose Account Settings in the drop down menu
  4. Select Linked Accounts on the left hand menuGoogle-Adwords-Google-Analytics
  5. Choose Google Analytics
  6. You’ll see a box that shows your account labelled ViewsGoogleAdwords-Analytics-view
  7. Expand the link for your account all the way, until you have the option of “Add”
  8. Click on the blue button – Save
  9. You’ll notice a dialog box that tells you to view the data by Customizing Columns, which I’ll explain next.

Set up is complete.  Now we have to view the data.  Go back to the Campaigns view.

  1. Click on the button that says “Columns” – choose “Customize Columns”Google-Adwords-Customize-Cols
  2. Choose Google Analytics
  3. Select Add all columns and re-sort as desired (on the right hand side  inside Adwords, not shown below)google-adwords-metrics
  4. Save
  5. Then see all Adwords conversion & Analytics engagement metrics / KPIs as noted below.


Obviously, there is a need for trend analysis of all KPIs, but this is great for looking at campaigns that may not have great online attributed conversion rates, but you can see strong engagement metrics.

I like to see the following Google Analytics engagement metrics:

  • Bounce rate <=40%
  • Pages / Visit >=4
  • Time spent (they put seconds, sorry about the obvious calculation requirement) > = 4 minutes
  • % of new visits > = 75% (helpful for those doing non-branded campaigns, looking to increase new customer acquisitions)
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