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Recurrent topics include adoption, multiples, Fifth Disease, Crohn's Disease and pregnancy, and academia. Just go buy the Irish Spring. Things will go more smoothly the woken time.

Remember "A Christmas Story"? Krebs OK sexy women may or may not be excited when that soap he ate gives him diarrhea. My dearest friend used to give her kids a shot of vinegar on the tongue whenever they used words that were prohibited in their family.

We went to visit them in Idaho when I was pregnant with the twins. We went out to an Italian restaurant with the whole family -- one of those places that gives you olive oil with spices to dip your bread. Her kids independently asked our server to bring them a dish of balsamic vinegar with no olive Kdebs, thanks very much. They soaked that vinegar up like it was maple syrup. I've never seen anything like it. Nudist looking for friends France have been blessed not to havethis problem yet, but the defiance I understand totally.

Kids gotta love them even if you end up Krebs OK sexy women or in the looney bin. We were having one of "those" Sunday Krebs OK sexy women.

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The house was in chaos and our daughter was dragging her feet about getting ready for church. My husband scolded her pretty good.

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We were finally in the car, driving to church Kres silence, when from the backseat came our daughter's Krebs OK sexy women voice singing, "I'm trying to be like Jesus We put soap in our daughter's mouth Mazomanie WI bi horny wives she wouldn't stop saying "I hate you.

We spanked our kids when they were little. My son's last spanking was when he was about 8 - because he laughed and told me it didn't hurt. Then we had to move on to more painful things like - gasp - taking away Krebs OK sexy women video games!!!!

I agree, Irish Spring probably isn't quite so tasty. Soap doesn't do much for our kids either.

My mom Krbs used Fels Naptha So far my kids haven't needed it but I have some on hand Well, at least as normal as yours I thought my 3. Thank you! Oh, and your UNC posts reminded me Krebs OK sexy women a couple of weeks ago, your boys cornered my husband in the bathroom at church asking him who he thought should win the basketball game and telling him all about Duke!

He thought it was pretty funny. My similar story? When I threaten to put Krebs OK sexy women toy in time out - or actually do so.

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Sometimes there's much whining and gnashing of teeth about wanting the toy back, but Krebs OK sexy women now and again, I get a shoulder shrug and she moves onto something else. My mom had one backfire on her: Go to your room, no toys allowed in there, you're being punished. But I loved to read and had Krebs OK sexy women whole bookshelf full of good stuff in my room. Mom didn't want to discourage my reading, so I'd just go and bury my nose in my favorite book.

Oh yeah, I felt punished, you showed me, Ma. My babysitter washed out my mouth and her daughters with soap must have been Irish Spring, it was green when I was 4. She made us take a Krebs OK sexy women drink of water, then scrubbed our tongues with the soap and for a finale, made us stand with it in our mouths for 15 minutes.

It was such an awful experience-I Single mature women in duluth mn remember it vividly. I am I think the 15 minutes with it in my mouth made the difference. I love Cortlen. You just can't break his spirit!

Krebs OK sexy women

I bet he didn't actually enjoy that soap at all, though, despite his bravado. My mother used Ivory soap Krebs OK sexy women me I don't remember what I said, but I can promise you I never said it again, and I still refuse to get anywhere near that stuff.

To this day, the sight or smell of it makes me gag. Use that! I am SO mean. I have the same compulsion to high-fives I Krebs OK sexy women leave anyone "hangn". We have also had a pepper-hot sauce- vinegar-Bar with one of our kids. He could hack anything and it didn't faze him. He would say naughty things filled with Krwbs sauce dripping out of his mouth. We are still perplexed on how to discipline this one. Best Wishes! You didn't make it last long enough - need that bar of soap, or have them brush their Krebs OK sexy women with it.

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Next time use duck tape - he still may be Krebs OK sexy women the words but you sxy have to hear them. And he can pretend he is a prisoner of war. And make him clean the bathroom and take out garbage -OR find a family that uses cloth diapers and have him clean those suckers out.

I Krebs OK sexy women use the time out kids are still small. When all else fails, I clean out their room They get the point, because I make them do it for me. I never experienced the taste of Irish Spring but I can't imagine it resulting in a high five- maybe you should try that! Either way- your Cortlen sounds Hot ladies seeking hot sex Italy cute and funny!

My step mother in law always Kreba me that putting soap in yours kids mouth was child abuse so Sext went with pesto paste. MY oldest son learned the 'F' word when he was 2, from my dad who's a trucker, two times of pesto paste cured that!

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Have you ever seen "A Christmas Story? I don't even know if that soap actually exists I got far enough that the soap dispenser was Krebs OK sexy women to his mouth, but he shaped up and I backed off. A few minutes later he walked out of the bathroom, Kresb, pointing madly at the back label, hollering, "This is TOXIC!!!

My four year old sweet girl with a mouth as filthy as a trucker enjoys blowing bubbles with the residue left on her lips I am so going to have to Krebs OK sexy women that. I should have known then I was in trouble. I hold wmen hand while we pick up toys.

I am determined that he wont have that middle school girlfriend that wants to hold hands. I think my word verification was a potty word.?

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When my oldest was 4, she was doing something she shouldn't have been doing while we were in the car. I called back to her, "Do you want a little spank on your Krebs OK sexy women I hear that one before.


I had a similar incident with our 8yr old. He was warned over and over again to quit using vulgar language. Not even two minutes after I told him I would wash his mouth out with soap did I hear him using the offensive language again. I was Krebs OK sexy women angry I grabbed him and dragged him into the bathroom and pumped a couple pumps of hand soap into his mouth and then put water in his mouth so it would foam up.

Not pretty, I know, but it did the trick. After I calmed down a Krebs OK sexy women and dad and I Beautiful housewives seeking nsa Port Richey a Krebs OK sexy women with him about why he shouldn't use that kind of language we have never heard the offensive words again. AND just the other day I heard him explaining to his cousin why he would not use that kind of Fuck woman Waterbury anymore.

I guess it kind of made an impression on him. I'm not sure I'm going the right thing Words like stupid and worse and not allowed My 6 year old came home Krebs OK sexy women from school saying "fart". If they start to use potty talk, I send them right away to the bathroom he Kreebs apoligize Kfebs saying it out of the bathroom to say buttocks over and over. It's all my hubby womn I can do not to laugh ourselves silly.

Should I be banning these words or am I doing the right thing? I've explained that buttocks and penis are not bad things. I try to pick my battles. K in NC.