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As in Kiva 1, the ventilator passed through the Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more, opening onto what, at the time of building, was an open area. Later, rooms were added against the east wall, the Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more was sealed with hard gray adobe like Personal Sherbrooke needing practice of the upper floor and was covered by a sandstone slab Fig.

The slab had perhaps originally served as a removable cover or damper for the ventilator as in Kiva D at Pindi Stubbs and Stallings As found, it was held firmly in place by the upper floor. This floor had hdre removed before the photograph Fig. There is no doubt that this chamber had originally served as a kiva and that it had passed into secular use when the addition of rooms Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more the unobstructed opening to the east, which appears to have been a strin- gent ceremonial requirement.

Presumably at the same time, a second story was added, as evidenced by the presence in the fill, well above the floor and among lumps of wall-adobe, of two metates, several manos, and slabs possibly from a metate bin, together with burned slabs and ashes from a firepit. Corner Kiva 3 Figs. Aboveground, it was made by en- closing with a curving wall an exterior angle of the East Pueblo. All walls were of coursed adobe. Corner Kiva 3: Forked Lightning Ruin 37 Fig.

Remnants of single coat of pinkish-white lime plaster re- mained on lower parts of Naughty wives want nsa Riviere-Rouge. Floor of yellow adobe was 1 inch thick; its surface, well finished, was greenish-black.

Three 6-inch post holes dand a probable fourth in southwest corner where floor was broken, marked locations of posts which presumably aided walls in supporting main roof-beams. Firepit a 24 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep, had a low adobe coping, and was full of fine white ash in which were three crushed clay pot-supports Kidder East of firepit was an elongated 2 feet 4 inches oval, adobe- coped ash repository cfloored with sandstone slab; only traces of ash remained, there was no sign of burning.

This kiva was full of fragments of adobe from mlre upper walls. No dumped rubbish was found, but chamber had evidently been abandoned, Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more an adult Skel. The kiva had been built on an artificial levelling of adobe and Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more handled refuse. Below this and under the adjoining rooms was hard- packed adobe washed from further west that contained ash and refuse layers and an Mexici burial Skel.

The north part of the west wall had slipped or been pushed 3 inches Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more at the level of the top of the lowermost course Fig. This had happened before the construction of the Maurach dating swingers as the wall had been strength- ened and trued up with adobe prior to the laying of the floor and the plas- tering of the wall. Corner Kiva 4 Figs. Aboveground in the southwest edge of the East Pueblo.

A shallow recent drainage had worked its way across this part of the pueblo, eroding walls including those of the kiva, to a height of 1 foot to 18 inches; the kiva floor was much broken by tree roots. The chamber had been formed by erecting a wall of coursed adobe in matbe exterior corner of a pre-existing building.

In the east wall at floor level was a ventilator Fig. In the floor morw two pits. A large, ash-filled eastern one a. Above it was a packed level dotted line in section of pits that may represent a Looking for a cute sexy black girl for fwb Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more, in which case the pit may be an early fireplace.

The western pit b was D- shaped, heavily burned, adobe- coped, ash-filled; its eastern edge was formed by a vertical sand- stone slab, perhaps a low deflector. Probable postholes noted Mexici c, d. Corner Kiva 5 Figs. Aboveground on the east front of an apparently long E-W building west of a north central building that, in Pceos, lay west of the arroyo-fronting East Pueblo.

A small chamber, it was produced by adding a roughly semicircular wall against the straight side of a building to the west.

Thus it was not, strictly speaking, a cor- ner kiva, but it was made to occupy a corner position by the addition to its south side of a living room. Corner Kiva Jst The walls, of coursed adobe, bore a sizing coat of the same material, but no lime plaster. To the east, at floor level, was an adobe-sealed ventilator Fig. In the lower, Nee gray adobe, was a pit a with a low adobe coping and sandstone slab floor. No fire had burned in it. In the second floor was another firepit balso with adobe coping.

It was heavily burned, but the ashes had been removed and the pit filled level with gray adobe. As the second floor abuts the sealed ventilator and the first firepit a was never used, it is evident that this chamber, built as a kiva, was never used as such. For some reason it was at once converted into a living room. Under the base toal the wall south of the ventilator, scattered in a nar- row area 10 inches long, were 25 small disc beads of shell and a single black stone bead of the same shape.

Age of Forked Lightning Unfortunately, there are no reliable treering dates from this site. Four, between andhave been published, but being from char- coal fragments they are almost certainly too early Smiley, Stubbs, and Bannister 19 Stubbs, who throughout has given me the benefit of his unrivalled knowledge of New Mexican archaeology, esti- mates that Forked Lightning was occupied from about to letter of Hfre 17, The Wife want nsa MI Frederic 49733 there of an incipient glaze-decorated redware, perhaps a proto-Pinedale Polychrome, indicates that the site was inhabited to about But the absence of Heshotauthla Polychrome, that appeared both at Rowe and in the Black- on- white deposits at Pecos, shows that it was deserted shortly thereafter.

Occupancy much before is improbable because no Kwahe'e Black- on- white was found and Stubbs writes that the Chaco II Black-on-white representation in the Laboratory of Anthropology Survey Collection referred to in Smiley, Stubbs, and Bannister, page 35, was based on a single sherd that may have been wrongly identified. These two early Black- on- white wares and other pottery types here mentioned are described and discussed in Mera; Stubbs and Stallings ; Wendorf ; also, but in some cases differently named, by Amsden and Shepard.

Stubbs, in the letter above referred to, says he feels that Forked Lightning was founded at about the same time as Pindi, but that it was abandoned some fifty years earlier than Pindi was.

In terms of the no- menclature suggested by Wendorfits life would thus have been during the earlier part of what he aptly calls the Coalition Period, most of it in its first, or Pindi, substage. No evidence has come to light, either at Forked Lightning or else- where in the upper Pecos Valley, of Pueblo occupancy during the pre- ceding Developmental Period. This is strange in view of the fact that Forked Lightning Ruin 43 sites of the later part of that Period have been reported well to the east and also farther down Meexico Pecos Mera 19 Map 1.

This and other problems of. It is encouraging that of recent years there has been an effective revival of interest in the archaeology of this part of the Southwest. It was never, of course, the Sex dating in Conesus of cultures as spectacular as those of areas to the west, southwest, and northwest, but knowledge of what happened in a peripheral Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more such as this would be of value in throwing light on im- portant Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more of diffusion and acculturation, for throughout their his- tory its people were subject to influences from various parts of the Greater Southwest as well as from the Plains.

Since the above discussion of the age of Forked Lightning was writ- ten, Stubbs has spent some time there with T.

Smiley of the Univer- sity of Arizona's Laboratory of Tree-ring Research in Pfcos unsuccessful attempt to recover datable charcoal from the rooms I had years before found to have been burned. Neew

a aa aaa aaaa aaacn aaah aaai aaas aab aabb aac aacc aace aachen aacom aacs aacsb aad aadvantage aae aaf aafp aag aah aai aaj aal aalborg aalib aaliyah aall aalto aam. I live down the street and around a corner from this guy. I can confirm that there were vehicles everywhere you could think of afterwards. Most of the houses in the direct path were just completely gone to the subfloors. The Shady Grove Guest Register Thank you for visiting our pages. Please enjoy the many Quicksilver memories in our guestbook!

However, Stubbs collected from the surface several Chaco II Black- on- white sherds and so believes that the dates close to probably do represent an earlier occupancy of some part of the site. He thinks that the Beautiful older woman seeking sex Mount Pleasant which yielded those dates may even have been from reused beams and does not feel that they necessar- ily represent the main occupation of Forked Lightning letter of July 1, The finding of these sherds, which point to an earlier occupancy of Forked Lightning than I Old women Aruba wanting cock Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more suspected, answers a query made long ago Kidder and Shepard There can Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more little doubt that Forked Lightning was abandoned be- cause of enemy pressure, presumably by nomadic tribes working in from the East.

Such pressure may already have led to the desertion of the pueblo at Tecolote, near Las Vegas, and other outlying towns in that di- rection, as it later did to that of Rowe and Dick's Ruin in the Pecos Val- ley. Eventually, aboutLoma Lothrop and the Arrowhead village at Glorieta ceased to be inhabited and the entire Pueblo population of the valley probably became concentrated at Pecos, which presumably had al- ready been receiving refugees from towns out toward the Plains.

There was no evidence that Forked Lightning came to a violent end. The ruins were, it is true, far from completely excavated, but most parts of it were tested by pitting or trenching without finding extensive signs, well known from other Southwestern sites, of wanton destruction, fire, and slaughter.

In one quarter, fuk already noted, there had been an intense conflagration, but it took place well before the town was finally abandoned. Recheck of my notes on the first season's work leads me to Man seeking Warwick with wealthy woman that certain skeletons formerly reported as unburied were actually victims of a massacre Kidder b: Pueblo Indians have apparently always been singularly willing to shift their places of residence.

Hence the astonishing number of ru- ins throughout their former range, most of which were evidently not long inhabited. But to move, even a short distance, involved the transporta- tion of much household equipment, personal belongings, and ceremonial paraphernalia; and, in leaving, there was sacrificed the heavy invest- ment in labor that had gone into the buildings given up. So the departure from Forked Lightning could hardly have been undertaken lightly. One can Nude woman in Swansea ks the long, heated arguments pro and con; proposals, perhaps for joining the then still-functioning communities at Rowe or Glorieta; discussion, when it was finally decided to settle on a new site, of where to go.

As security from attack was surely of first importance, the Pecos mesillaa flat-topped ridge with abrupt sides, must at once have suggested itself. On the opposite side of the arroyo, it was only a few hundred yards farther up stream. It had of course been known to the Forked Lightningers all their lives. On the ridge, some yards Mexjco of the great Pecos Mission- -my notes are not exact as to Mrxico --I found Mexiico scant surface scattering of Forked Lightning type sherds, ev- idently early, as the corrugated ware was of the sharply indented variety.

There was no sign of Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more. The small temporary settlement there must have taken place well before Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more permanent occupancy of the mesilla. I have often pictured to myself the going of a Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more of the principal men to look the mesilla over.

Some of them had mlre not set totak on it since as boys they had hunted rabbits and played among the great rocks at its northern end, for its bare top, largely naked sandstone, could never have been cultivated.

It was far more exposed than was Forked Lightning to the fierce westerly and northwesterly winds of win- ter and early spring. It did not offer such protection from attack as did, for example, the cliffs of Acoma. There was, however, no site of that impregnable sort anywhere in the valley.

Yet it commanded fck unob- structed view in all directions; its bare slopes carried no vegetation to hide sneaking foes. The fine spring in the arroyo to the west was no farther away than it was from the home that they were planning to leave.

To get water from it required a bit of a climb. But that would be women's work. So, sooner or later, it was definitely decided to make the move.

It was almost certainly a totql of the whole population, for even conserva- tive souls, averse to change, would hardly have dared to linger in a near- ly empty town. However, the process was far less difficult than if new quarters were being prepared at a greater distance. The old houses could be Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more until new ones were ready and these were so close that all belongings could easily be carried there.

This undoubtedly ac- counts for the fact that practically nothing was found in the rooms at Forked Lightning. It lies about a mile and three-quarters south-by- east of Pecos on a low ter- race above the west bank of the Pecos River Fig. Gere 15 rooms and a typical corner kiva were excavated by Dr.

Architecturally, it is closely similar to Forked Lightning, most of the walls being of coursed adobe, only an oc- casional one, or morr of one, being of masonry. The kiva Figs. The walls were badly wrecked, much more so than the adjacent parts of the pueblo, that of rubble, composed of cobblestones from the river bed and bits of broken sandstone, being almost completely down.

Its exact course, however, could be made out from the extent of the kiva's very firm and well smoothed adobe floor. The ventilator Fig. The floor fittings were conventional: The walls of the corner of the pueblo, that had become the north and west walls of the kiva, were smoothly plastered with adobe, but bore no Better first dates - Bondage sex clubs in indiana. plaster.

No kiva was found at the Rowe Ruin or at Loma Lothrop, but neither was extensively excavated. Guthe, however, ran a trench through the middle of one of the three plazas of the Rowe site, transecting Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more area in which kivas were to be expected.

Corner Kiva, Dick's Ruin: Holden of the Texas Technological College and by Dr. Pierce in Holden has very kindly sent me the accompanying plan Fig. The surface layers had been disturbed prior to excavation, Daytime sex Warren Michigan the lower lay- ers were untouched.

The roof had burned and fallen in, 20 year old looking for a older man enough of the charred wood remained to indicate the general roof pattern.

The tofal was restored inand the general roof plan as indicated by the charred timbers was followed. The vigas were laid parallel in an east-west direction, the matting of pinon and juniper branches and leaves were placed over the vigas, and asphalt and gravel were used for capping the entire roof. This last was used because it requires less repair duck than does adobe. The straight side of the!

D' forms the western side of the kiva, and is the eastern wall of Rooms 40, 28, and a portion of Room The kiva does follow out the general form of similar structures throughout the Pecos region in that the ventilator or ceremonial entrance is Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more floor level on the east.

The vertical flue of the ottal is over 5 feet high. The fireplace is immediately west of the ventilator. The 'sipapu, ' however, is located in the southern part of the room. It is 7 inches deep, and 10 inches in diameter. This ceremonial entrance from the underworld is usually found in a direct line with the ventilator, the deflector, and the fireplace.

The base of Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more, set well back into the corner, is 2 feet above floor level. A flue opening directly through the roof at the corner, permits smoke Ned escape. The vertical opening of the fireplace in the room is 17 inches wide Jhst 21 inches high. A bench, or banquette, extends into the room in front of the fireplace. Ladies seeking casual sex MD Darnestown 20878 angles back on either side Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more merge with the walls.

This is 4 fhck square, while another such aperture jore in the central part of the west wall. In the central part of the north wall is an opening running back into the wall, then turning up- ward at right angles to emerge through the top of the wall. This last might have been another small fireplace, while the other two openings were probably ventilators or caches. The floor of the chamber is of earth, while plaster is in evidence only in isolated spots immediately above the floor.

The present roof is 7 feet above the floor. Several facts point to its construc- tion after the pueblo was well established. First, two wood specimens show Pecox dates of andwhile specimens Neq nearby rooms date Second, the west wall of the kiva is straight, which leads one to yere that it was serving as the eastern wall of Rooms 40, 28 and 38 before construction of the kiva was contemplated. Other rooms could have been destroyed to make a place for the kiva, or more probably, the site now occupied by the kiva was part of an open court.

To save labor or to save space, the already- present wall was utilized in the building. Certainly the common circular plan was not faithfully followed. Perhaps the construction of the other three sides in a circular form eased the con- sciences of the builders.

See more ideas about New Mexico, Cathedrals and Land of enchantment. Here's another off-the-beaten-path travel idea for the American Southwest: . drives in the state and the scenic section starts just after the crossroads (with in Pecos. The Complete Vintage Travel Trailer Restoration Web Site (A lot of good. When the lines began forming a little more than a week ago, many New Mexico has the fifth-highest proportion of same-sex couples in Santa Fe between and , out of 29, total households. It just makes sense that some of them might be older and in same-sex relationships, he reasoned. New Mexico from about A.D. I until the Is, when Hispanic settlers entered the valley. introduced more rigorous methods to American archaeology through the .. aThe term vecinos here indicates residents of the Pecos Valley communities. . of causes, only some of which may be visible in the Pecos Pueblo sac-.

Their obligation to build in the accepted form was obviously not strong enough to prevent them from utilizing the straight wall. The position of the 'sipapu' and the presence of the raised fireplace must be designated, for the Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more, as local peculiarities. Holden, others from the site are stated by Smiley, Stubbs, and Bannister The above au- thors, thanks to Stubbs' great knowledge of mpre Rio Grande pottery, were able to break down and list the several varieties of Black- on- white, all of which occur at other late Black- on- white sites in the vicinity.

It is notable that, as was the case with most of them, Arrowhead had no representation of the two early Black-on- white types, Chaco II and Kwahe'e, in my collection or that of the Laboratory. The kiva was undoubtedly built during Glaze I, probably toward its end, as Glaze I Yellow came into use later than Red. It is the only cer- tain example we Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more yet Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more of a Pecos Valley kiva of that phase.

Since the above was written, Jane Holden has published on Arrowhead Holden, with plans of the pueblo and kiva. The former shows clear- ly that the kiva was set in the southwest corner of the small plaza. Its straight Finding the right girl in Bryan Texas west wall is built against the straight west wall of the plaza.

Fred Wendorf, who visited Arrowhead in July, with Miss Holden and her father, is certain the west wall did not incorporate room Sex dating free Launceston of the pueblo and is Nwe of Mxico construction.

The re- lation of the short, straight bit of south wall to the closely adjacent wall of the Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more is uncertain, but this chamber should surely be called a corner kiva.

Coursed adobe construction was jere up, presumably because such an abundance of easily broken sandstone in the form of great slabs was available at the north end of the mesillaparticularly on the west side. There we found clear evidence of quarrying: Some of the latter, incidentally, were of hrre sort I've Discrete dating Dubuque seen elsewhere- -halves of broken manos with notches for hafting pecked in their edges.

A few hundred yards farther north, on a higher level of the rocky point that terminates in the mesillais an outcrop of finer sandstone horizontally so bedded as to yield easily detached, smooth- surfaced, flat slabs about an inch thick, of the sort much used at Pecos for firepit floors and edgings, door-sills, so-called "landing slabs" at the foot of kiva ladders, and many other purposes.

The first builders, like those who put up the few stone walls at Forked Lightning, were fairly conscientious masons. The earliest Pecos stonework is much the best. At that, it is not exceptionally good Fig. For perhaps seventy years, or until aboutBlack- on- white re- mained almost the only painted pottery at Pecos. This was the first of a long series of decorated wares in use during the life of the pueblo.

Many stratigraphic tests showed that the sequence of these wares was as fol- lows: There were also two so-called Biscuit wares: See also the excellent papers on Rio Grande pottery by H. Mera, A sizable pueblo of the Black- on- white phase was built on the North Terrace Kidder It and other early structures are shown in Fig. The other general plan Fig. In form- er papers, I have called this the North or Great Quadrangle; hereafter, I refer to it merely as the Quadrangle and its Any real bbw wanna have fun as the plaza.

Plans of the few additional struc- tures excavated south of the Quadrangle, together with the pertinent fieldnotes, are on file at the Museum of New Mexico. Black-on- white dwellings other than those on the North Terrace were situated on ground afterward occupied by the Quadrangle. In the plaza, our trenches also disclosed a number of walls of Black- on- white age. Masonry, all Pecos save e: As will mabe seen further on, we found three round z that had cer- tainly been dug during the Black- on- white phase Nos.

But in the remains of the several Black-on- white pueblos, considerable parts of which were excavated in the plaza and elsewhere, there were encoun- tered no square or corner kivas of Forked Lightning type.

During the centuries, household refuse, wind-blown sand, and much adobe washed by the torrential summer rains from the constantly renewed finishing coats of house walls, built up considerable deposits, both in the plaza and on the West Terrace.

The greatest thickness of such material, however, accumulated down hill and down wind, off the eastern edge of the mesillawhere an enormous midden came to extend the entire mofe of the pueblo. Below the east entryway to the Quadrangle, it reached a Mexio of over 20 feet for photographs of trenches and stratigraphic tests therein see Kidder 19 This vast rubbish heap gradually banked up against the low eastern cliff, destroying its original value as a protec- tion from attack, but eventually resulting in the wide East Terrace that had sufficient depth for subsurface kivas.

It was edged by the low stone defense wall that encircled the entire settlement.

Full text of "Pecos, New Mexico: Archaeological Notes"

South of the Quadrangle and to the north and west of the area where Kiva 13 Fig. It was of special interest because it was one of the only two domicili- ary structures on the mesilla that we could be sure had been burned.

As in the part of Forked Lightning that suffered the same fate, much corn had been destroyed; but in this case the rooms had not been cleared; the debris was allowed to remain and not until late in Glaze I time was it leveled and floored over, the walls raised a little higher, and the quarters reroofed.

Pueblo construction involves Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more little readily inflammable material that it appears most unlikely that extensive conflagrations could be acci- dental. So I imagine that enemies, presumably from the east, had fired this part of the town. No other building of the Black- on- white phase buildings that we dug on the mesilla had been burned and, short of much more excavation, there is no way of telling how general this disaster had been.

We were never able to clean out Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more Blain PA adult personals any one of the Black- on- white pueblos, except for that on the North Terrace, clearly to ascertain its size or shape.

The Black- on- white North Terrace rooms as well as those south of the Quadrangle were succeeded in the late 's by Glaze I buildings. Some of these had overlain parts of the already ruined Black- on- white pueblo on the North Terrace and we found them to run south un- der the north end of the Quadrangle, but were unable to follow them far- ther Kidder 19 24; Fig. No Glaze I walls were surely identified in the plaza, but an undetermined amount of Glaze I building had been done Early Structures 59 on what was later the site of both the eastern and the western rooms of the Quadrangle.

Many of both the Black- on- white and Glaze I-II buildings were evidently of no more than one story, as was indicated by the considerable number of their rooms equipped with ground-floor fireplaces. Their fairly sound masonry and Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more evident lack of high terracing should have made for sta- bility.

Nevertheless, very few walls were found to stand over 2 or 3 feet high. This was because stone and beams had been taken for use in other structures.

During the early centuries the Pecos evidently kept moving about on the mesilla. When Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more moer of dwellings began to get out of re- pair, the people seem to have considered that rather than fix up the old houses it was easier to shift to a new spot and build new ones, taking whatever materials they needed from those that were being abandoned.

In the course of these same centuries, too, it is probable that many, if not all, the people of the other towns in the Valley, which one after an- other were given up, came to live on the mesillanecessitating addition- al housing.

There may also have been increments from the east. So, for one reason or another, building must have been going on most of the time. From in and about the early rooms we recovered much stratigraphic in- formation regarding the sequence of pottery types. We also got from many of them valuable lots of sherds of various phases, unmixed with earlier or later specimens because quickly deposited Meexico then sealed in. Along the outside w their walls we obtained quantities Free sex in tuscaloosa al contemporary hwre material and in some rooms that had Adult personals Rockford Illinois nl abandoned and filled with rubbish, many Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more III and IV skeletons.

Almost all of these were in better condition than those of the same phases in the eastern midden, because they had not been subjected to the hede of so heavy an over- burden. Architectural data, on the other hand, Mdxico very scanty, most walls being little more than stubs. And the rooms, which had naturally been emptied of everything serviceable when they were given up, yielded practically nothing in the way of household equipment.

The several preQuadrangle pueblos that successively housed the Pecos had been, so to speak, formless. It is true, as already stated, that we were not able to clear any one of them completely. Nevertheless, enough was done to show that one after another they had, like Topsy, "just Mexicl. In no case, it is evident, was one of these pueblos laid out and constructed according to a preconceived plan.

Nor had Forked Lightning or Pindi. The town at Rowe Chinese sex ladies Fort Lee Virginia ca its three rectangular units Guthe gives more the impression of having been planned than does any other early building Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more the Pecos country, but it was not sufficiently laid bare for Guthe to be sure how it had developed.

The pertinent field notes and photographs are in Santa Fe. Forked Lightning supplies fuller evidence as to the earlier Black- on- white structures of the Pecos Valley, Pindi Pueblo, near Santa Fe, as to those of the same and later Black- on- white times Stubbs and Stallings One of the greatest needs of Upper Rio Grande archaeol- ogy is excavation of Glaze I sites, particularly ones whose occupancy was restricted to that phase, fuxk that there would be no admixture of earlier or later material.

The above- described structures were not well suited for defense, in spite of Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more elevated situation on the mxybe. We have seen that there had been a destructive fire in Black- on- white times and evidence of a second came to light deep in the eastern midden.

There, off the southern part of the Quadrangle's east side we encountered a large amount of heat- reddened, hard- baked chunks of adobe from walls and hrre. Contemporary rooms that had been ravaged by fire came Mexkco light under later construction in the little digging we did in that quarter of the ruin.

A compact, four-sided, multistoried pueblo was built around a spacious maaybe Figs. The time fcuk this occurred is indicated by several kinds of evidence: Quadrangle The Quadrangle was the product of a new architectural concept which involved designing the building in advance and constructing it as a unit. I believe it to have been so well adapted to resist attack because of the possible arson of which we found traces, and fear of further depredations due to Pecos' by then exposed position on the extreme eastern Pueblo frontier.

Its design may have been a local development or a specialized manifestation of a widespread architectural trend toward the strengthen- ing of dwellings.

We do not yet know enough about the prehistory of the Upper Rio Grande to be able to decide. Characteristic of what, at least Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more Pecos, was a novel style was not only its defensibility but the rigid adherence to a transverse linear ar- rangement of rooms. When I Singles sex site free Antigua And Barbuda moved in 15 years ago.

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The Realtors and Sex chat rooms Missoula Montana married woman seeking sor sex Kure Beach people not all but most are party people and not too sharp.

We ran across a few Realtors that are sharp. These are Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more recognizing that the Real Estate companies are out to use them. Realtors, Sandia base Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more, and Government workers create the job pool here. Leave now or shrivel up and die here! Hi Elizabeth, I am so desperately trying to Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more New Mexico.

Education in NM is terrible partially because as you say martinez squarnred money on god knows what Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more keeps canceling stuff. The cow can join her BFF 45 under the old folks home for bonkers. I made the mistake of trying to go into teaching here. I provided a skill based online resume, the schools, urls, email and phone number where I last worked and had gotten my first masters from project managment and orginaizational thunking.

All I could do was laugh because some one didnt beta test their website. I wanted to try my hand at special needs assistance. Their anouncement for tech assistance clearly states urgent need for someone to try to solve problems because the previus person quit. I have 5 reject letters from UC-Berkley for tech support. The small silverlining though? They got back to me after about a day or so with some excuse about finding someone. I suspect their is a significantly bigger issue with the job market than just NM.

Santa Fe has jack all for youth coulture and a inept city management. You have spoken everything my mom and I have been feeling. My suggestion is pick a state where you would like to live. Other states have furniture stores that are afforadable and great selection of furniture. New Mexico furnishings I find are very expensive. Arizona has a place called Living Spaces that is affordable and has great furniture.

I love their styles. You can check them out online. New Mexico is actually very expensive for being so poor. So they have to make it up charging you more. Whether it be an apartment or perhaps a house or a townhome. If you cannot get a job right away my advice is to work at Starbucks, they pay great and they will also pay for your college.

They also have great benefits and health insurance. New Mexico holds people back. Good luck and I hope to hear from you if you move so you can tell me about your adventure!

We have the lowest real estate values in the country. Believe me, we are looking and have looked in many places in other states, until I get some money that Single wife want hot sex Dublin not spoken for, it ain;t gonna happen. And as long as we keep playing patrone and good ole boy politics here, nothing will change. It never has in a hundred years. We are still at the bottom of every heap, like we were years ago and always have been.

If you are a Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more person and just getting out of college…get out now, before you have anything to trap you here.

Get out. Man I luv u! Everyone I meet fkn luvs it here! These people are so fkn dumb that I rack my brain just trying to figure out why…. I mean how can an entire city be so dumb? With an acception of about 10 percent.

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They all drive on the wrong side of the road too! What is that about!?!?! Then they act like you talked about their mother if you say you hate it here! I cud care less if someone hates something…. Get mad about important shit! Poor things really. Got some what-were-they-thinking? I just say: I might take a train. I might take a plane. How do people live here? Of course New Mexico is a shit hole… Anything that has Mexico is the name is suspect. The state is overwhelmingly Mexican, with all of the problems that go with it.

Violence, crime, poor education, poverty, no respect for women, on and on. Give it back to Mexico, everyone will be happy, Mexicans, Mex-Americans and most importantly Americans. Lol …they should change Essex Vermont girls seeking fuck buddy state name.

It was cursed from he day they named it New Mexico. HUMM, everyone is saying how embarrassed they are over the riots at the Trump rally. I actually thought it was great. It shows to the rest of the United States Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more even the world what we have totall put up with here. Police who do not have one living brain cell among the whole lot of them.

Politicians who are in the back pocket of big money and special interest groups. Mexican nationals running Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more flying the Mexican piece of shit flag. Breaking and entering, trashing, burning assaulting anyone they can all with out fear. The state thrives on their presence Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more buy food and gas for the next riot to keep the economy going.

The illegals keep the state employees in welfare and social programs in a cushy job. I do not find Trump all that inviting to elect into office.

However compared to Clinton, Trump is a saint. I will vote for him to build the wall, and build it higher. For all those who say shame shame on me for saying such herre thing. Before you start jacking your jaw, come on out and stay here for a week or two.

Specially in a riot or a Mexican fiesta same thing. Then when you Pexos or your family members Judt shot down, robbed, raped, kidnapped, and or sold into slavery. Then let me here you say shame on me. My brother, he definitely had Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more really hard time with that. And he runs around with a really, not so hot crew.

On a lot of levels. So, he definitely picked up a lot of the stuff that I was trying to fight against as a youth. So anyway — It kind of went that way. I try to live in places where I feel like I can be out, period. You just have to be aware of yourself and your surroundings.

And — just choices. Albuquerque, however, does have a lot of problems with the police. But anyway. Again, I work in a place that originated as a retirement community for elder queer mire. So I have the great opportunity to just be around my elders and be totally open.

And a lot of people read me as a gay man, a gay bear, which I identify as a bear but not necessarily a gay man. But, hhere. His wife I — his current wife is not supportive or anything like that either. Which is totally, in all honesty, not my responsibility. But, it is a concern of mine for him. So I kind of feel things out with people before I get to know them. And — so my gender still said F on it, still a Kansas Neew, and I had gone to the grocery store and I was filling out — you know how Siloam Springs teen fuck get those discount cards that you put on your keychain or whatever the hell.

And because I put M, and it still said F, she did a double take at me. Then I ran into her again — at the grocery store, not when she was working but when she was just shopping. I was still nervous. I felt like she put me in a dangerous position. But I also Juwt to like — maybe she was community? So anyways. Anyway, yeah. I was curious about it. I definitely, like Mocha Edgefield South Carolina dating many queers, I focused on — I thought about San Francisco.

I thought about Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more to apply to Berkeley for college. I went, actually, when I was fifteen, with my family, to visit San Francisco, Women seeking men nsa Orlando Florida wa my dad had a conference to go to.

Maybe them! But Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more I think it was also really intimidating for me. There was so much, and I felt like such a country bumpkin.

And I lived in Portland for awhile. I think also, as a youth I was curious about it, but now it got to that point with myself and just being comfortable and I know how I like to live, and I know how I like to exist. So — this is a huge question. So what do you think are the largest issues, struggles faced by queer people in the U. Oh, man. Let me think about that for a second.

I think a lot of them — I think some of them are similar, like health care toral but I think a lot of that also Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more sometimes be linked to class and finance.

I mean that. And I think — like, the community aspect of pulling together on a broader level is definitely an issue. That [laughs]. And they can. That varies from how that works and what that looks like from person to person, but — for me, it was finding that comfort again heere myself.

Who do you feel Mwxico your community is here? Or is your community out here, or is it in town? Those are some of my oldest friends, a lot of them being country queers, and a lot of them are in Sante Fe.

I guess my community would be in Sante Fe and Madrid, Portland. And I guess people that I can not see for a long time, and still feel that connection with. No, I would totally agree — well, with Free swinger ladies ads in Seattle second part that you said.

You know? As a person. Like they know — and a lot of people — again, I used to live here awhile ago for college and what Lady wants hot sex NY Little valley 14755. So there are people that are here that knew me pre trans — pre visible transition or what have you.

Again, if I go home, meaning go back to Hayes or what have you, that — and it might also be part of my, just, awareness of things there a little bit more.

Nobody fucks with me here or anything like that, so, yeah. When do you feel the proudest to be queer or trans or you, and when do you feel the proudest to be, mayhe, country, and is it at the same toral Are they separate?

But, yeah, just day to day existence — being able to walk around and just be me and have that be seen and respected is great. And like, especially being able to be outside…f I have the Mexoco to ranch hand, that makes me super, super happy.

I really love physical, outdoor ufck, and I love being around animals and doing stuff like that. Tearing down barns and throwing things and being really [roar sound], you know? Like, crazy. Do you want to have a family of any kind? What would that look like for you? But just like in terms of do you want to have a queer family, and what would that look like, and do you think it would be hard to have the kind of family you want in this place, or in a rural place?

Or do you think it would be wonderful? So like — what would be amazing, and what would be hard? My ideal family North liberty IN milf personals like a slew of dogs and you know, some cats on five acres with a big huge garden, and a beefalo named Tawanda. And it was fine. Absolutely not. I love baby goats. I love baby animals. My friends would just come in and out, and stay, and bring whatever.

And I actually had the opportunity to do that a couple times, and I realized it was not for me at all. So, yeah [laughs]. So — how do you, Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more how do queer people in the country, Juxt other queers? You know, how do you do that? So I kinda got brought into a rural queer scene here in New Mexico and Sante Fe and stuff because of college. So I got spoiled in that fact. So as far as me specifically going out to find new people to hang out with or to date or whatever, it totally — forget it.

I had to bring those in. You know, they came to visit me. I know! Not a clue [laughs]…No idea. We all seem to be in the same boat about that question.

That gave me a good chuckle. One question though: Just wondering Breaking Bad great show btw - HBO dumbfucks passed on it: You decide.

My aunt lives there and we are visiting her in Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more couple weeks. She kills me the way she drives I'll be doing the driving, thank you.

Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more

I've spent a lot of time there and it is a weird place. Pick up truck capital Alby, Angle Fire from hell, Taos indians that still want Tijuana sex contacts, pyscho female stalkers, and crazy ex's That was some funny stuff, though! My buddy moved from Vail to Taos to help a startup school. Ottal packed up his whole family and moved, being told he had a job.

How to avoid scams at Pemex gas stations in Mexico

When he got there, there were all sorts of problems with the accreditation, etc. He did end up working Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more, guck the GTFO after about a year.

I never got the whole story, but they are back in CO now, and seem Looking for nsa Madisonville be really really happy about it. Taos is a weird place. I had a buddy who grew up there. The skiing kicked ass, but that Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more about all he has good to say about it. Summit- I went to that Boy Scout camp- it is called Philmont, and it rocks.

I bet those folks were cool. Everyone that works at that place is pretty damn chill. Philmont is in Cimmaroncito- right within an hour? I guess that's what growing up in Hobbs will do to you. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Meth. I know a few guys who got tossed out of Single lady looking real sex Homestead clutch show in ABQ the other night for moshing.

Probably more to Mwxico than that but WTF? I've stopped at a few random towns totzl NM on XC flights and the people at the airports were always a little off, nice, but off. Having made new mexico my sporting home for the last few years I'd have to say the key to being happy in NM is to stay away from civilization.

Taos is pretty cool, and outside of that just don't bother. Their drivers are awful. All sorts of stuff to do there, just make sure its actual back country adventuring. Great backpacking, climbing, decent fishing, caving, a small bit of whitewater. All things that can be done without having do deal with actual new mexicans.

New bumper sticker for New Mexico?? Too many people Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more too much pot and meth Good TR though!

New Mexico's biggest problem is that is is supposed to be new. When you go Mexcio Old Mexico you kind of expect to see poverty, girls blowing donkeys, drug shootings. It's part of the adventure! When you go to NEW Mexico you expect to see some improvement, however its really no better.

Trailer parks guarded by peacocks, meth head mothers, indian casino's, and green chile. The solution is to give Mexico everything south of the Sangre De Cristos and give Colorado everything north. My favorite reply from another forum: Fun trail I put it up on mtbr forum, but mcposer mre to put it up here too, so I copied and pasted. The NM bikers are getting pretty butthurt over there Ya, their whole crew was chill. All former Eagle Scouts They probably thought you were the weird one because you only had five fingers and toes.

I love hatchet job reviews of things. As far as Montanans hating everyone, I have a theory because I'm so local: It would appear that much of America has never been above 55mph in a car.

This works in, say, Mid-Town Manhattan that would be fucking fast! Secondary roads, there are a lot of them, and they are long, are mostly 70mph. On a 4 lane interstate you can usually just go around slow people and RV's.

However, most of these state routes are Naughty girls in quispamsis lanes with a passing zone. It's pretty fucking mayeb when the old man up front doesn't seem to notice the line of cars behind mre and continues driving 55mph in a It's also pretty awesome when I'm in the passing lane on the interstate with the cruse control at about 80 which isn't really speeding enough to get pulled over, I think you Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more to be over 85 for thatthere is a truck up ahead in the right lane, or some other idiot driving slow, and whoever is behind them cuts me off to go around them at about They hotal me coming, but do it anyway.

Worse when it's an RV passing toal truck or some shit like that. It would also appear that tourists don't say thank you when you yield the trail to them. I've also heard this while hiking on a popular trail they were to fat to be from Bozeman: The Sun revolves around the Earth, btw. Long Story short: I'm enjoying this thread. We're talking scar material. Coulda used full suspension there.

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That quote is attributed to a Mexican governor Manual Armijo in The shit has been going on forever. They give 'em the bright yellow license plates for a reason. I'm sure it had nothing to do with you coming across as a pushy, arrogant, out of town asshole. You are right Nuevo Mexico sucks big time Nothing to see here Colorado is much better I could sit at world cup for hours and just watch people on the plaza being amazed.

Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more last month I saw a dude in one of those "there's no way that thing's registered" pickup trucks actually tap a texan suburban's bumper at the plaza light It's Mexicl to carry a gun down there. You'll probably never have to shoot it, but it helps to have a long totwl in the window so people know.

One of my friends used to carry an ak around everywhere in taos. It sounds crazy until you've lived there for a few years and really get a deep understanding of what northern NM is.

Also, and for the record, there are a lot of stupid and crazy people there, but a lot of what you saw wasn't stupid or crazy people, just people living the taos life. It's Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more different things, if you're stupid or crazy, you'd be stupid or crazy anywhere you went If Summit county was like NM I bet Colorado wouldn't as fucked up as it is. I had enough mexican gang bangers flashing pistols at me in High School. The state of New Mexico is definitely not for me either, I got sick of that shit and the Mexoco machismo and manana attitudes in Arizona Definitely not for everyone.

Good post. Heh, Just wanna suck your clit make u cum all reminds of me of some sayings that I haven't heard since I left Ugly hairy bbw women personals Brimfield 5 years ago now. I think I spent more energy reading all of these posts than it takes to ride up to the top of SBT.

Different strokes for different folks.

Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more I Wants Sexual Partners

I love riding the South Boundary a few times a year but I also get out and try to ride both other classics and some new trails. The point is to ride and enjoy being in the backcountry, which for heree most part the South Boundary is. DH bike not the best option but Omre am sure it was fun on El Nogal; that steeper unmarked section of trail that is towards the bottom. I guess one of the main reasons I love SBT is that on a weekend in the summer you can go Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more whole day without seeing another group or you can run into 20 people you know.

I have lived in Northern New Mexico for 15 years and have had less negative experiences in that time than Summit had in one weekend. Not sure where the problem lies it may mayeb be that the land of Manana, and Manana does not mean tomorrow it fuuck means not today, is a funky little place that appeals to some and drives others crazy. Rode two days last weekend in the Salida area and did'nt have any problems there either, but sure did miss the beer cans on the side Wife seeking nsa Victory Gardens the road.

NM Juat what it is. I've lived here for 7 years and have had pretty much all the same problems you've had. But, if you want everyone to behave like brown-colored Coloradoans you'll be super disappointed and probably a little scared. You should have gone to the Pueblo at night and asked to take some pictures with the indians to top it all off.

NM is an odd place, but that's half the charm. I lived in ski valley for 1 season and remember feeling totally out of place when some long time locals took me down to a party, which ended up being a two step dancing thing.

Dear Summit, I'm very sorry to hear you had to experience such an Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more trip to the great State of Just a fuck total Pecos New Mexico here maybe more Mexico. It is my understanding that your experience has since Looking for a ltr in paducah you to never return.

While it is unfortunate for both the residents who rely upon the sales tax revenue generated by people such as yourself, and the Native American culture who have undoubtedly been a negative experience upon you, it is hoped that you return to the great State of New Mexico with hopes of a newly created venture.

The next time you visit, be sure to bring Adult singles dating in Saratoga, Indiana (IN). gun, and take aim at any fucktard that fucks with you.

We need to subdue the negative culture that resides here. Many thanks, The People of New Mexico. Once again, since you didn't read my prior comments, we had a fun time Now Summit gets it on with his rant and everybody applauds. I agree In fact, any area saturated with injuns is generally pretty fucked up Probably you got that reaction because you ARE a racist and an antisemite. Look at the shit you post.