I Want Proof Eyewear – Wooden Sunglasses – on Shark Tank

by Laura Thieme

If you didn’t see it on Shark Tank, Friday night, February 22nd, 2013, you missed out on Robert Herjavec’s $150k offer to Proof Eyewear in exchange for 25% of the company.  Proof Eyewear said no, and countered for 15% of the company. Herjavec said no to that counter offer and remained firm at 25%, and thus, Proof chose to walk away from the opportunity.  But if you take a look at how they’re doing online, in terms of keyword search visibility along with the buzz generated the other night on Twitter, it’s likely Proof is well on their way to digital marketing success.

Take a look at Proof Eyewear’s organic search visibility.  I chose a handful of keyword phrases, pulled the corresponding search volume data, and pulled their organic rankings into the Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report (shown below).  The traffic, lead and conversion rate columns can be filled if Proof Eyewear’s Google Analytics data were to be integrated with our Bizwatch reports.  Additional keywords can also be pulled into this report at any time.  Data gets updated monthly, or bi-monthly if desired.

Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report for I Want Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear has strong organic visibility (#1 rankings) for keywords that describe their product, such as “wooden sunglasses” and #5 for “eco glasses”.  Compare organic search visibility to the search volume.  You’ll note that there are searches for these wooden related sunglass keywords, but what about those people searching for the more generic “sunglasses” or “designer sunglasses”, or even well-known brand “Ray Ban sunglasses”?  At the top of the chart are the most popular search keywords related to the search terms.

Proof doesn’t YET show up for the more popular keywords at the top of the chart above, but give them time and LOTS of optimization and they could.  They could also test each of these keywords immediately by showing up in paid search.  Remember, as I’ve blogged before, it takes just 8 minutes to show up in paid search.

Typically what you see with our SEO & Keyword Discovery Bizwatch report, by integrating predictive search volume with organic ranking data in the same report, you often find companies rank best for the least popular keyword phrases.  Small business sites often have little to no search visibility for the keywords that are the most popular.  Why is that? Well, the most popular keywords are harder to achieve in organic search.  They take longer to achieve, and may require a combination of:

1) On-Site SEO tactics (page title, page heading, content, hyperlink, footer text link optimization)

2) In-bound links that are relevant and high quality – therefore larger, well-known sites may rank better simply because more sites link to them

3) social media – Tweets that might link to the site, or +1 Google Plus references, perhaps even Facebook likes.

You also have to analyze the SEO competitors for these keyword phrases.  See chart below for who Proof Eyewear competes with in the organic search results in Google & Bing.

Bizwatch Top 5 Competitor Report on Sunglasses and Sunglasses Online


Proof Eyewear’s website does not show up in the top five organic rankings for “sunglasses” or “sunglasses online”, but it does a great job of owning the organic space for those searching on wooden sunglasses as shown in the chart below.

Bizwatch Top SEO Competitors Report for Proof Eyewear

Due to the number of top five rankings related to wooden sunglasses that their website enjoys, Proof Eyewear dominates this Top SEO Competitor report. If we ran more keywords related to sunglasses, and not including the word “wood” or “wooden”, it’s likely that Proof Eyewear would see less top five search visibility.

If you want to see what your data looks like in Bizwatch, order an SEO & Keyword Discovery Report for your site.  SEO Performance Reports are free for the first 30 days if you already know your keyword phrases and want to monitor them on a monthly basis.

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