Has Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm Affected Your SEO Rankings?

by Laura Thieme

Has Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm Affected Your Google SEO Rankings? Find out here by running a free SEO report & audit.  The best way to determine if the Hummingbird algo has affected your search engine rankings is to run a free SEO report, and then trend your SEO rankings by keyword each month (upgrade to paid reports after you run your free SEO report).

Our clients run SEO reports either once or twice a month depending on what type of Bizwatch account they have (SEO Reporting, SEO Platinum, All in One for SMBs, or PPC Platinum (which includes SEO).

Here are some of the SEO Google ranking trends we’re seeing for our clients:



A website (above two screenshots) not receiving active SEO on page work.  This may not be related to Google algorithm change, but simply due to letting SEO activities lapse.renta-mac-seo-ranking-trend

The same website as first two screenshots shows a ranking improvement in the past few months for one keyword phrase.  This is not a popular keyword, but has sent high quality traffic & leads in the past.

Website #2, popular keyword phrase – note recent ranking improvement.  This retailer does a lot of direct mail, Adwords, SEO, and is about to go into their high season.  This may be why the ranking is improving, or they are engaging in additional SEO tactics.  I doubt it has anything to do with Hummingbird.

Perhaps the most notable thing I am seeing for popular searches & highly trafficked keyword phrases on database driven & ecommerce websites, is seeing Google rank the home page, whereas Bing is ranking the most relevant page.  That’s worth further investigation.








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