Five Ways to Improve Your Organic SEO Visibility in Google and Bing

by Laura Thieme

Here are five ways to improve your organic SEO visibility in Google & Bing.  But let’s get some data first – we need a benchmark SEO report on up to 10 keywords as a starter.

1) Get a free SEO report for 10 keywords

Get Your Free SEO Report for 10 Keywords

Click on the image or this link. Type domain name and up to 10 keywords.  Include company name and brand name, 5-6 keyword phrases and 1-2 local variances of those keywords if relevant.

Once you’ve put in your email address, you can log into your free SEO report & Bizwatch account.  Note the Keyword Discovery results in the top left section.  Note the keyword list, number of monthly searches, and whether or not your site is ranked in the top 40 search positions in Google & Bing.

How many searches did your keywords get last month?

How many searches did your keywords get last month?

2) Do any of your keywords rank in the top 10?

Top 10 Ranking Report

Do any of your keywords rank in the Top 10?

Your site needs to be ranked in the top 3 search positions to see measurable traffic in Google Analytics for keywords >1,000 searches.

Note: Google Analytics does not specify which keywords came from organic.  You might see company name then mostly (not provided).  Get your webmaster report synched with Google Analytics & your keyword report will become far more valuable.

3) Questions to ask about your target keyword list
Target at least 10 keyword phrases that get greater than or equal to 1000 searches per month.  Even if you are ranked in the top 3 (paid or organic), you might only see 2% (two percent) clicking to your website for each of these keywords ranked in the top 3.

Monitor your organic visibility (and paid) for your company name, brand names you own or sell,  and keywords that describe what that product is or what that service does.  Try not to be too vague in your keywords.  Get some help from your search marketing professional or SEO guru on what are the best keywords to target.  Review your historical Google Analytics data, AdWords, Wordtracker, SEMRush and Bizwatch for good keywords to target.

Keyword examples to target, using both B2B and B2C subject matters:

a) Company name
b) Company name Irvine
c) Nike running shoes
d) womens running shoes
e) seo audit
f) seo audit software
g) seo reports
h) free seo report
i) seo tools
j) red running shoes size 8 (example of long-tail keyword phrase)

4) Can you beat the competition for your target keyword phrases or at least get on the 1st page (top 10 results)?

Can you outrank or beat the competition?

Is your site in the Top SEO Competitors list?

Look at the Top SEO Competitors report. It illustrates which site has the greatest number of top five organic rankings in Google & Bing for your monitored keyword list in Bizwatch.

Note: you can analyze subsets in the Top Competitor Detail report (under Organic reports).

Look at top ranked competitor websites for relevant keywords.  Can you match or beat what they do? Okay, then read on!

How to Improve Your Organic Rankings in Google & Bing Using SEO

  1. Make sure your target keyword phrases are in your page titles
    Previous article I wrote on page titles; Updated article on page titles & headings
  2. Make sure these keyword phrases BEGIN the page title, don’t put them after your company nameexample of a good page title:
    SEO Audit Software – Bizwatch
    Red Running Shoes – Womens – Nike
    Hotels Irvine California CA – Hotel Irvine
  3. Make sure your page title is no longer than 65 characters – in fact, if possible, shorten your page titles to 55 characters as much as possible.  This is hard for company names with 2-3 keywords…
  4. Incorporate target keywords into your page headings (h1).  Make sure your page headings are actual <h1> tags, nothing less.  There should be no more than 3-4 H1s on a given page, worse case scenario.  But better? 1 H1 per page.  Make the other headings <h2> or <h3>.
  5. Make sure your keywords are included in your related page content, footer text links, and that these pages are indexed in Google & Bing.  If these pages are not indexed in the search engines, you will not show up in organic search for these keyword phrases.

What I’ve illustrated above are basic SEO fundamentals.  If you are interested in learning more about how to do this for your website, check out our SEO, PPC & Social Media Bootcamp seminars after you’ve created a basic SEO report for 10 keywords.  You can also order a custom SEO audit once inside our SEO software or call / inquire using the contact info above.



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