Communication Lessons Learned in 2014

What is your preferred form of communication in 2014?  I find many people (clients, colleagues, vendors, even family) prefer email and / or text message.  Some people refuse to pick up the phone at all, no matter how much you need them to.  Demographics may affect your answer.

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Need to talk? Waiting on an answer? Pick up the phone.  Don't send an email.

Need to talk? Waiting on an answer? Pick up the phone. Don’t just send an email.

I have listened to a number of  people that they are not getting responses to their e-mails, that e-mails were sent but:

  • I did not hear back from them
  • I did not see your email
  • I get so many emails, I can’t keep them straight
  • My goal is zero inbox email status, but it’s a challenge

Depending on your ISP, how spam is filtered, whether or not you use mailbox folders or organize your inbox, may change the way your emails are being seen, opened and reviewed.

The reality is email is noise.  All day long, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  If you take a break from email, it’s double for each day you fail to read it.  That’s right, fail ….

So, next time you want an answer from someone? Pick up the phone.  Expect that person to call you back within one business day.  Email recaps for documentation purposes, call them to make sure they received them.  Sometimes old-fashioned communication works best.

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