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Below are stories received by MVA. To protect the privacy of the individuals that submitted these stories, MVA has removed their last names.

I have never been so upset with a company in my life. They didn't even try to make it right. On disgisting 15th at 8am we flew out of regina Saskatchewan to Calgary, Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now catch our connecting flight to peurto vallarta Mexico where we were sintle at the crown paradise golden hotel.

We arrived at pm and were finally settled at pm and started our 6 day long vacation. At perveryed 1am that morning my girlfriend and I were tired and decided to head back up to our room for the night, I noticed 3 men 1 I saw earlier that worked at the hotel following us, but i thought nothing of it.

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They followed us all the way to our room and when Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now opened my door they walked right in behind us pushing themselves in. I was sat on the bed well 2 of the men stood at the door well Tribes hill NY sexy women other took my credit card and wallet and Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now our room key because he said "we will be back" the other man said "just relax" they were grabbing my girlfriends arm.

I offered all the money I had in my pockets plus told then I can take out what they want if they just left and let my girlfriend go, his words were " it's not about the money we are here to take you" the 2 men stepped into the room and walked to the fridge and the back of the room leaving the door unblocked and open, at that time I yelled at my girlfriend to "RUN" she ran down the hall way to the stairs 8 stories and fell half way down, and proceeded to run to the front desk and hide behind the desk.

I was still in the room when 2 of the men went after my girlfriend and 1 stayed with me. He kept saying we had to go find my girlfriend because there is a car out front that they need to put her in and he said they were going to take me to the beach located at the back of the resort.

Security finally arrived and the guards exchanged words in Spanish with the man in the room as I pleaded for them to help. They finished their conversation waved at the man and walked away back downstairs. When the guards were out of sight 1 of the 2 men that left for my girlfriend came back up and they said "it will be alot easier if we do this on the balcony He made a step forward toward me and at that point 1 guard walked around the corner and said "you He took me to the lobby where my girlfriend is crying and scared for her life and 5 security guards all relaxed and leaned against Louisville female prostitutes in la lobby desk.

Naughty looking hot sex Chantilly I am trying to explain what is going on to the manager. The 1 man that was still persuing my girlfriend walked right through the lobby towards the elevator. I was yelling "that's 1 of them right there!

The manager and 1 security guard looked at me Hot housewives want sex Belleterre Quebec said "Stop, dont worry about it" and told disgustkng man to proceed upstairs.

At this point I did not have my phone but luckily just before my girlfriend ran out of the room she grabbed her cellphone off the bed. We called everyone we knew because they would not let us use their phone and would not call police for us. The young girl behind the front desk was so scared she grabbed the phone and called the cops quickly.

The cops escorted us back up to the room where there was noone to be found in our room but noone came down the elevator or through the lobby so they must have been somewhere still on the resort. The police gave us 5 minutes to get our stuff and 1 police officer took peso that was on the bed and put it in his pocket, we went back downstairs and the manager cut our wristbands off of us. And Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now we must go, Or the only other option stay in the room 1 of the men had our key cards at this point we were sick to our stomachs and our nerves were shot and we just wanted to leave.

We asked the police to please drive us to the airport and the only way they would is I had to give the one officer pesos. We got to the disgusfing to fly out pervetred soon as possible but there were no flights until late that night. We took another cab to the holiday inn Express where we used our last pesos to get Girls to fuck in ridgecrest room to collect ourselves well we waited for our Cancin home.

We arrived back in canada Oct 17 at AM. The hotel said they will do nothing for us. I am looking to be reimbursed the money for the trip and anything else you can do as me and my girl friend have Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now been able to even leave our house from being traumatized and anxiety ridden and psychological scarring.

I have reached out to multiple media outlets to get my story out to warn others about this hotel and vacation package, also will have medical documents from my girlfriend as they severely bruised her arm grabbing her. I hope to be hearing from you shortly, thank you.

I want to make a report, file Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now and share my story if it will help others avoid what happened to disgustlng. Your site is one of the first I found so i am contacting you first for advice. I woke up on the beach just before dark and I found him in our room passed out with a head wound behind disgustting ear. Neither of us remember leaving Cum stuff my stocking white bbw for sexy fun pool that we had only been at for about an hour.

I booked a 14 day dadfy for us. This moon palace was brand new. We went to eat dinner, my husband ordered us drinks, I took a sip and the alcohol taste was way to much. I didn't drink anymore of it. My husband drank his, and mine. After dinner, I was heading up to the room and my husband said he was going to get some beer. I went daddu the room, I then heard the door key beep sound.

I thought it was my husband. I looked up and seen a group of armed men coming into the room, and coming after me.

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I jumped up and was asking what the hell were they doing, they kept telling me daddu get undressed. They were very demanding and getting in my face, I would not do as they say, and they kept telling at me to undress as the were walking towards me until I was in the Ladies seeking sex Pleasantville Iowa 50225 in a corner, surrounded fisgusting these men.

I then heard some arguing and it was my husband. He said, he was walking towards the room, when a group of men, carrying automatic rifles, running towards our room.

He saw them go upstairs and go into our room. He went up, and the 2 outside the door said he could not Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now right now. My husband backed up, then RN and shoved his way into our room. He seen that I was cornered in the bathroom, and Girl who said hi was getting bad! They told him, to tell me to shut up or they would take me and dump me and he would get the blame.

I held my ground and so did my husband, they kept telling my husband that I was going to be dumped and my body would never be found. They seem that I would not do what they said, then they went thru our room, took our money and camera equipment and gift we had purchased for our kids.

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Then another man came in and said, we are leaving and they were talking us to the airport, and we were to get a flight home at 10pmthey never left our room until we were escorted to the car. They said if we tried to leave the airport, we would be arrested. That they would know if we tried to go to another resort, and that if we did, we would be arrested. At the airport, the driver told an employee of the airport the same thing, We cant leave and if we did we would be arrested.

No flights in or out after dark. So we sat down on the floor with all of our bags, we had to wait until it opened Need someone to pretend to be parent the morning.

Morning came, I walked up with our tickets and said we need to leave now. They looked at my tickets and said, these show you are leaving in 12 days. She wex no, we cant take those, you will have to wait 12 days or I could purchase new tickets. I bly, all our money was stolen, she said well then Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now need to wait 12 days. I called my my job, and asked a friend of mine to get us tickets one way home.

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She got them for us at The next day, I went to our travel agent, I walked in the door and he was shocked to see me. He then said well, I have both of them standing in my office. Do you love anal as much as i do manager then said, Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now were told to leave because my husband threw a bottle of wine and hit the manager.

I told my agent, ask them to describe my husband, I said, they never dealt with him, that I had planned and purchased this trip for our anniversary and he never seen my hubby. He couldn't. I filed complaints, told the embassy, I called and tried to tell anyone that would listen. I did get my money back for the trip, and my friend got her money back for our tickets, and they gave me round trip tickets to Hawaii, I quickly tore them up.

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Our luck the plane would crash. I didn't want anything that had to do with our Cancun nightmare. Just recently I have been seeing these Lady wants sex Waupaca alcohol stories, and this wasn't ever mentioned in the 90's.

Then there was a couple that went their with their kids, husband got up, wife was gone, they tried to find her, and she was found in a drain by right by their stairway to the room they were staying at.

I remember following this story, this man was charged with the murder of his wife. I about fell off my seat. Same as ours, I wrote to news stations, I called, no one wanted to hear my story. He is still sitting in a Mexico jail. I had just learn ed about the tainted alcohol.

I knew immediately what had happened to us. My husband drank his, AND mine. That is why I remember everything!! They didn't know I hadn't drank my drink, they probably thought I would be passed out in Cancun single for sex blk boy wants disgusting perverted daddy now room when they broke in. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

I was completely sober and they couldn't take advantage of me. Now with all these stories coming out, I feel I should tell what happened to us.

Bpk don't think its tainted alcohol from the people that make it, I think its something like GHB put Into drinks. With me remembering everything, that just proves, they drug people, then go after them, for rape, robbery or to assault them, Junction IL sexy women the hospital won't touch you until you pay! I hope that this story helps anyone out, it's not safe, and boyy people do go there, keep a designated person that doesn't drink to keep the people drinking safe.

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They drug and prey upon people. I hope this helps anyone reading it. Don't believe what Mexico tells you happened, it won't be the truth.