Bizwatch Keyword Discovery & SEO Reports

by Laura Thieme

Bizwatch Keyword Discovery & SEO Reports

I’ve created a short two minute YouTube video on how to review keyword research & SEO reports in Bizwatch.  I’m not a fan of SEO ranking reports that show a rank, a position up or down, and nothing more.  I like SEO reports that show the following:

1) keyword
2) resulting traffic

3) resulting conversions

4) conversion rate

5) search volume, predictive data to show which keywords are most popular and likely to get more search volume or clicks if visibility occurred

6) percent of search

7) whether or not you show for that targeted or monitored keyword in the top 20-40 search results (you need top 4 to see measurable traffic)

If you know all of that information, and if it’s consolidated into one integrated report, you’re far more likely to target the best keywords for both PPC & SEO initiatives.

If you’d like to try out the Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery report yourself, go to this URL and create an SEO report for 10 keywords.  It’s just $99/month for under 50 keywords, $449/month for non-retail sites, or get PPC, SEO & Social Reports for  $849/mo for large and retail websites.  We do have a small business/startup rate, if you have a small amount of traffic and are just getting started.

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