Best Landing Page Elements to Convert Paid Search PPC Google Adwords Traffic

Need to Increase Engagement Metrics & Conversion Rates for Google Ad Campaigns?

Here are some items to incorporate into your landing page content:

  1. Incorporate your target Google Adwords keyword phrases into your landing page’s title <title>.  Your content management system (CMS) will usually have a field that says “page title”.
    Benefits: Improves Quality Score & relevancy for Google Adwords
  2. Emphasize your selling point / value proposition in page heading & intro content.  Do not assume that the person will navigate to your other pages to learn more about you.  Give them a compelling reason to go to another page.  Describe what you do, related to those keywords in either bullet format, or 2-3 line paragraph.  Less copy is better.
  3. Describe why they should do business with you in 10-15 words or use visuals instead.  This can come in the format of testimonials, imagery, text or video.
  4. Have call to action, in button format, above the fold. There is a lot of research that suggests you use a constrasting color for your button.  Make the button big, then make it bigger!
    Buy Now Button from Cool TextContact Us Button from Cooltext.comThere are some free button generators (like the images above from or find another solution if you Google “button generator”.  I finally shifted to using our professional graphic designer so our call to action buttons would appear uniform across web, email and direct mail.BIZWATCH PC SubscribeNow BUTTON 72dpi
  5. Use Testimonials. Place them where the person is likely to proceed to the next page.
    I saw my return on investment within one week.
    We use Bizwatch’s SMB (small medium business owner) product &
    continue to see significant growth.  We highly endorse and fully recommend.
    Umberto Catignani, President, Orbital Plastics
  6. Create & utilize your YouTube videos and embed them in your landing page.  This How to Set Up an Adwords Campaign video was created for a small business owner in September 2012 and has had over 21,000 views.  It shows people how to create an Adwords campaign.

Updated 2013 Adwords video is below, which has had over 3,000 views.

What is our best converting landing pages?

Check out this landing page – it has a 40% conversion rate.  We started at 18% conversion rate but due to cost per click, we worked on additional changes to increase conversion rates.  After making a variety of changes, we increased our Adwords campaign PPC conversion rate to 40%.




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