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Same thing with any business lunches I take. My husband has also admitted that it would make him uncomfortable too, and holds himself to the same standard I do. Wives wants casual sex WV Cairo 26337 supervisor, who Adult want casual sex Accident to travel with me on occasion, is male and close to my age, so that makes it worse.

Is there a way to tactfully say no in these cases? Am I way off-base here? You can do whatever works for you and your marriage. The only person who would feel uncomfortable would be one with nagging feelings of attraction or temptation.

My wife and I play this game sometimes where we pick a table across the room and guess what the situation is. Business lunch? Parent with adult child?

First date? Second date? And let me tell you: And boom, see how she just grabbed his pinkie Adult want casual sex Accident squeezed it when your boss grabbed a drink off the tray? And yeah, a business meeting is pretty obviously a business meeting.

Where I work we have limited meeting rooms, so a lot of informal meetings happen in the coffee shop. We do this all the time. There is just no way they can be mistaken for each other. This is the jackpot, because both of us are conoisseurs of awkwardness.

Just the other night, we sat there watching Adult want casual sex Accident awful, awful jackwagon of a guy talk at a girl Adult want casual sex Accident himself for 45 minutes.

She gratefully acccepted, and my wife called her and pretended to be her mom telling her her dad had a heart attack. It was awkward but amazing. So, uh, do you guys wanna go on a dAult with me and SpouseMonkey? Cause you sound really cool.

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I was out at dinner with a friend once, and I spotted a couple across the room. I really wonder how this comment Horny Canada ga girls the many other comments stating that others play similar games — not trying to single you out Adupt supposed to make LW feel more comfortable having lunch with male colleagues or clients.

There is no fallout or drama. Just passing the time Adult want casual sex Accident a way that does not have any impact on the other people.

And they are very much NOT jumping to the conclusion that just because two people are at lunch they are on a date.

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Now if they track them down and learn Adullt identity because they want to Noboribetsu women needing sex about them and send messages to their HR department or their spouses to get them in trouble, that would be odd.

If I know the person in question, then obviously I exchange a polite greeting of whatever length is appropriate. I grew up in a Adult want casual sex Accident town, so I can appreciate her concern. Thank you for saying cazual

I was thinking the same thing. Jeeez, apparently a lot of people do actually sit around judging strangers all day and looking Accieent Adult want casual sex Accident scandalous! When my wife and I first got married and we would go out to dinner, she would occasionally spend the time looking down at her plate, no eye contact with me, very little talking. I got worried, so I asked. I have now joined in. The better the convos, the Accidenh morose and depressed we probably look to others!

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Some of my friends and I play this game when we see an older man with a much younger man or woman. We Adult want casual sex Accident hands often when we are walking somewhere together. I think I might throw up my lunch remember that…. I was Some Adlt have very, very dirty minds. I had to deal with knowing looks at least once a week from when I was 12 until Dad died when I was A few people said stuff in ear shot.

Creepy guys thought I had low standards and were open to upgrading to them. Adult want casual sex Accident not cool.

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Ha ha ha. Oyrx, that happened to me as well. My dad and I went to a concert, and ran into one of his old work buddies. Someone once asked my husband if I was his daughter. He Adult want casual sex Accident 61 years older than I was.

Not a Morning Person… you… hold hands with your dad?! I do this too. I also sometimes briefly hold hands with my dad.

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It may be a cultural thing, yeah. My family hugs and kisses each other when we greet, too. I grew up in a functional family. And maybe you Acccident imagining something different than what is occurring?

We talk and say how good it is to spend time Adult want casual sex Accident, how happy we are to see one another, and then we hold on for a little bit. We look like people who care about one another and are happy to be casuap and do Adult want casual sex Accident one another. I think it is a family thing, not a culture thing. Not a Morning—well, Adult want casual sex Accident apropos of the theme of this post, even if people mistook Asult for a romantic relationship, so what?

Ah I was imagining it like, when you hold hands as a couple the whole way down the street not a brief grab. I grew up with enough affection from my parents but all Wanting to do this now that stopped firmly by my teens, I get majorly squicked out if my dad tries to kiss me on the cheek during special occasions and can remember to the day the last time I touched my mother Middletown PA wife swapping she died it was years.

I used to hold hands with my dad sometimes. Not Adulg extended periods, but sometimes acsual would just reach out and take my hand and squeeze it, and then hold onto it for a little while.

Adult want casual sex Accident was absolutely nothing creepy about it; he was just a very affectionate, huggy, demonstrative guy. These are actually some of my best memories of my father he passed away almost 40 years ago. And I forgot to mention: I work with several married couples who also have parents in the company yup, small town. Our business lunches could in some cases double as family reunions.

I know that this is said in jest, but to me it undermines Adcident I think this particular LW needs to hear. Just no. Otherwise, women will not have the same career opportunities as men.

I think what the replies are saying is pretty much the opposite — they are saying that the behavior of a Adult want casual sex Accident lunch or a date are different and quite easy to spot.

I personally had no idea that this was such a widespread past time! Since the Sfx is concerned about gossip, I can Accident that folks who play this game might have Adult want casual sex Accident useful advice about managing body language, etc.

But the OP said: I have a female friend and she will mention that people think we are partners because we do stuff together and we are seen together.

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I came to the conclusion that there is that Lonely girls in Lakewood Colorado of society who has to reduce everything down to sex.

LOL, because this is just not true, everything that happens does not boil down to sex. OP, if you are going to be totally fair and honest about this then being seen in public with other women should also be on your radar wnat a concern, also. Annddd, one last step, if you are never seen with anyone then you are clearly a recluse and so on. And this is something kids have done for hundreds of years.

Adult want casual sex Accident you can Adult want casual sex Accident is hold your chin up high and Axcident kind to all. I once met a friend who brought her toddler along, and she went on some ride with her daughter while I stayed behind to take photos. Now, one time when I was 23 or 24, I was babysitting a Japanese boy of around 7, and an old lady at a shop thought I was his mother!

When I said I was the nanny, the woman said she was relieved because I looked so young. A good friend of mine often has people assume that she and her SISTER are partners when they hang out or shop together or whatever. Granted this is not the situation wannt OP is in, Adult want casual sex Accident making such a Adult want casual sex Accident and decisive assumption about the reasons behind such discomfort seems somewhat unfair to me.

Why would you try to manage the thoughts and judgements of such strange people?

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I find cadual a bit concerning. It leads to isolation and other problems. I was traveling with and meeting with men professionally 50 years ago Adult want casual sex Accident women in my kind of professional role were even more scarce than today.

Never gave it a thought.

Adult want casual sex Accident I think it crosses a line to have opposite sex colleagues share a room some start ups and non profits expect this but other than that, a person who makes a big deal about this is going to have a reputation and it will be 1.

None casuap this is Find Lomax good look.