Addison’s Wonderland SEO Ranking Report & Keyword Discovery

by Laura Thieme

Want to know how well Addison’s Wonderland shows up in Google & Bing for their related products and keyword phrases?

I ran a Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery report on February 22nd, the night they aired on Shark Tank to see how well Addison’s Wonderland ranks for some related keyword phrases, who their competition is, and what the search prediction / volume is for some of their keywords.

Here’s how Addison’s Wonderland netted out:

Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report

First, look at the Google & Bing organic ranking report (in the last two columns on the right) results of the keyword phrases I chose related to the Addison Wonderland baby collections & duvet covers.  You’ll see they rank further down the report, for keywords related to their brands, but not the keywords that everyone else is more likely to search on.

The most popular keyword phrase is “duvet covers” – if you see the search prediction or search volume predicted for that keyword phrase in Google and other popular search engines. You’ll note that Addison Wonderland does not rank for that particular keyword phrase, or other phrases below that. Having said that, just because they get ranked, or show up in Google Adwords or Bing does not mean that those keywords will convert at a profit.  That’s what keyword discovery helps retailers and business owners find out – which keywords drive the most customer acquisitions, at the lowest cost possible.  If you want to learn this for your company, click here.

Who are the Top SEO Competitors? Coming up next.

Addison Wonderland’s Top SEO Competitors

Not surprising to any of you who shop online for baby stuff, you’ll note Amazon and have 35 and 20, respectively, top five SEO rankings in Google & Bing for their related keyword phrases.  But also note Addison’s Wonderland shows up too – they have 20 top five rankings, but the keywords they show up for in the top five rankings, are their brand terms.  And before tonight’s episode on Shark Tank, not enough people knew about the Addison Wonderland brand.

Brand keywords convert best online & offline, but new customer acquisitions come from non-brand keywords like “baby duvet covers”, “baby bumpers”, “duvet covers” and crib skirts provided the retailer shows up in Google & Bing in the top four organic listings, and preferably also shows up in the paid search advertisements or PPC listings.  Bizwatch has tracked retailer SEO vs PPC performance and has noted that non-brand keyword phrases typically send more business than the organic listing.  Plus, it only takes EIGHT minutes to show up in Google Adwords/PPC listings for your desired keyword phrases.  That’s right, eight minutes.

So, regardless of how you achieve your visibility, you need to understand which keywords drive customers in volume, higher average orders, strong engagement metrics and at the lowest cost possible (per acquisition or per transaction).

Order your Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report today.  It’s free for the first 30 days, and just $99/month for small businesses and startups.  You can’t lose unless you don’t try.