ABC Shark Tank March 8 Episode – SEO Reports & Keyword Discovery

by Laura Thieme

First up is Heather & Andy seeking 10% equity for $150k for Baby Loves Disco, which is a family dance party promotion product with hula hoop heaven, healthy snacks and juice boxes.  How do they find out about the product, asked Robert and they answered social media WOM (word of mouth).  $2.8M in sales over seven years.  $425k in sponsorships.  $1500-$3k events.  The network of moms and social media sounded credible to Mark Cuban, but not sponsorships.  Everyone was out due to the business model of sponsorships.

In case you’re wondering, there are just 3 searches a day on “dance parties for kids”.  Under 10 searches for “dance parties” – thus not much reason in researching this further.  Doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for the product online, but I always judge the potential by how much search volume I see online as to whether or not it will sell.

Rodeo injury survivor, Ryan Cowboy Ehmann created a rodeo workout and wants to make an infomercial.  Seeking $120k for 25% equity.  His product helps to lose 12 inches.  He created rodeo abs and also showed a ab machine workout.  His software program takes your personal information, and figures your heart rate.  Wear a heart rate monitor watch, which is tailored to your body to determine your target zone.  Download $9.95.  Infomercials.  Lori Greiner told him the biggest issue on TV is false claims.  Mark Cuban was skeptical and wasn’t sure about Cowboy Ryan and dropped out.  Daymond funded the deal.

Want to know how many people search for related keywords?

  • workout videos – 222 searches
  • sexy workout videos – also popular
  • 20 minute workout videos
  • lose weight -1205 searches (note below)
  • lose weight fast – 1445 searches (more interested in speedy weight loss, no surprise)

Next up is a cell phone protective accessory product.  Cell Helmet is $44.99 – and people can also buy an insurance policy.  Three sharks out due to the business model of phone repair.  Daymond is out due to the insurance model.  Mark Cuban says they’re in the arbitrage business but knows they’re likely to be quickly imitated and thus he’s out. No deal for Cell Helmet.  Cool name.

Byron Young – 200k for 20% – corduroy beanbags that convert into beds.  He’s worth $1M.  Has utility patent (bed coming out of chair).  $1.4M in sales last year.  QVC did about $2400/minute, 5 days prior to Christmas.  11 years.  It takes a sales person to do a demonstration.  Has his own machine that manufactures.  Web sales over $700k.  Wants to use the money for marketing.  Geared towards impulse buys.  $200k for 40% if Lori does half of it with him.  Lori doesn’t want to partner on it.  AeroBeds is a multi-million business.  She wants 60% of the business.  She countered for 58%. They did the deal.

Let’s see how many people search for beanbag chairs as a start:

  • beanbag chairs – 114 searches
  • beanbags – 36 searches (interesting to see how little search volume for the single word)
  • inflatable beds – 101 searches
  • inflatable air beds – 25 searches
  • Aerobed – 187 searches
  • Aerobed reviews – 178 searches (clearly the brand name is the leading search keyword)
  • aerobed signature raised inflatable – 151
  • cheap Aerobed – 109
  • air bed – 85 searches
  • air bed mattresses – 47 searches

What other keywords might you think of? Well, I started to expand and wondered about “air mattress”.  Guess how many people search for air mattress?

  • air mattress – 408 searches (so this keyword is the winner in terms of search volume)
  • coleman air mattress – 95 searches

I’ll run SEO Reports on the two that made a deal tonight and post the results in my next blog sometime over the weekend (follow me on Twitter @bizwatchlaura for update).  There is all kinds of keyword potential for the workout video related keywords, as well as the beanbag chair / convertible air mattress bed.

Challenges: site has been down since the show, or at least each time I check.  Will have to wait until site is back up to run Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report. You can check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to dialogue with them, or order by phone.

Rodeo Abs Ryan Cowboy’s site – is up and working thus I will pull that Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report first.  If you want a Bizwatch Keyword Discovery report, so you can determine which keywords work best for your site, and prove that visibility equates to traffic and conversions, order yours for just $99 online or call 614-846-7584 (10 am EST to 5:30 pm).