CEO Laura Thieme Celebrates 17 Years in Business

There are a lot of reasons to setting up your business.  In the beginning, it’s all about putting your knowledge and talents into serving others. When I started my first company, Business Research International, Inc. DBA Bizresearch, I was 27 years old.  It was April 4, 1997.  I was idealistic, bright-eyed and well, you know Read more about CEO Laura Thieme Celebrates 17 Years in Business[…]

Communication Lessons Learned in 2014

What is your preferred form of communication in 2014?  I find many people (clients, colleagues, vendors, even family) prefer email and / or text message.  Some people refuse to pick up the phone at all, no matter how much you need them to.  Demographics may affect your answer. Here’s a 9-question survey –> Click here Read more about Communication Lessons Learned in 2014[…]