Website Speed Test Tips for WordPress

Take a Mobile Website Speed Test

The first thing you need to do is test your website using Google’s Free Mobile Website Speed Test.  Our first test on this WordPress theme did not deliver happy faces.  In fact, it showed that our mobile speed was over 20 seconds.  We immediately eliminated a few elements from the home page theme, and cut it down to 12-15 seconds.  That’s still not satisfactory.Free Mobile Website Speed Test with Google

We also had an orange circle loading on this theme’s home page.  We didn’t like it.  We imagined it could slow things down even more.

Mobile Website Speed Reduced with Pre-Loader in WordPress Theme

Sure enough, once we found where to disable that feature, we cut our load time down to 6 seconds!!

Mobile Website Speed Increased After Disabling Preloader in WordPress Homepage

One element was costing us over 10 seconds on our home page.  Unsatisfactory! But so rewarding when we figured it out.  Our next goal is to work on javascript rendering, per Google’s Mobile Site Speed Test recommendations.  We’ll create a new post once we have that improved.