How to Migrate 1and1 MyWebsite to WordPress Canvas Theme

by Laura Thieme

Okay, we’re 70% there.  See my last entry on why I chose to upgrade my small biz client’s website hosting package from 1and1 MyWebsite to a 1and1 WordPress standard package.

When you choose the 1and1 WordPress Plus package, which is $11.99 a month if you choose the monthly payment option (my personal recommendation), it’s not clear how many responsive themes they have, or anything about the WordPress templates available.

There are 20 templates, and they’re offered through CyberChimps.  Any customization is only available through a “standard” package offering.  If you change from recommended package to standard, you can NOT change it back.  Not sure why not, but that’s the rule.

They also use some language that confused me and caused me and the tech support person to lose another 15 minutes of productivity.

At the end of switching from “recommended” to “standard”, it will have a blue button “Switch to Free Mode”.  This confused me.  I thought I was going to switch to something free? What else would happen? Wasn’t I paying for the website already? Free is actually “switch to standard mode” or what it should say as a blue call to action button – is – SAVE Changes or APPLY changes.  Bad blue button wording.  I was unsure of my action, so I clicked on the left hand navigation.  I ended up losing everything I had just done and had to go through standard setup all over again with the tech support woman.




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