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Bizwatch 10 min PPC & SEO Audit

Flat Rate SEO Package

Flat Rate SEO Packages

"We lost rankings due to a design change.
Bizwatch caught it quickly and achieved 100 Top 10 and
60+ Top Five Google & Bing rankings." PetSupplies4Less.com


"We were blacklisted due to a link farm.
Bizwatch audited, made changes & guided us back to the top." CRE Rentals (case study)

One of Google's Algorithm Updates: Hummingbird


  • Free SEO Audit
  • Keyword Discovery Report
  • SEO Ranking Report
  • Learn Keywords Your Competition is Targeting
  • Learn Which Competitors Use Static vs Dynamic URLs
  • Comprehensive SEO Audit
  • Hummingbird Benchmark
  • Google Webmaster &
  • Not Provided Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Phone Consult
  • Google Doc
    Metatag, H1 & URL Recs
  • Implementation if CMS/Admin Approved
  • Automated SEO Reports
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  • 50-600+ Keywords Monitored
  • Bi-Weekly & Monthly SEO Reports
  • Monitor SEO Competitors
  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Uses Custom Search API
  • Data archived for 13+ months



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