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SMI ANALYTICS, Inc. DBA Bizwatch provides automated SEO & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Audits & Monthly/Weekly & Bi-Weekly SEO & PPC Reports.  Bizwatch is a Google Partner. 

CEO & Founder: Laura Thieme

Thieme has 17+ years of experience in the search marketing industry.  Thieme has spoken at over 40 national & international search marketing conferences on search marketing analytics, keyword conversion analytics, and database driven SEO tactics.  Thieme founded Bizresearch in 1997, as a search marketing agency.  She grew the company to nearly $1M in sales, and 12 employees.  In 2007, she teamed up with some colleagues in the search marketing industry, and decided to improve upon her existing software platform, called Bizwatch.  Thieme knew that a need existed for PPC, SEO, Google Analytics data to be integrated, in one console, and easier to use.  Thieme used to have five employees who worked on monthly reporting, and saw that reporting was becoming a large part of what they did.  She saw the effects that monthly reporting had on creatives, savvy account managers, and determined a better platform was necessary. Thieme was named to the Top 100 Most Influential Marketers in 2009, by industry colleagues.

In 2010, Thieme separated the agency from the product, and created a second company, SMI Analytics DBA Bizwatch.  Thieme sought and was awarded pre-seed funding in January, 2012. 

Thieme acts as the visionary for the product platform, and is the brainchild of the platform and automated audit, and will continue to be the software product manager and visionary moving forward.  Thieme works in a lean start-up environment, and thus wears a few other hats including account manager, sales manager, marketing manager and whatever else is needed.

Speaking on Google Adwords PPC Tactics, Audits

Technology Team: Teracode built the integrated PPC, SEO, Google Analytics platform, and gave us the start we needed to get this platform up and running.  Michael Sack, CEO, of Teracode, is a seasoned search marketing and software industry veteran, and had a successful exit on a software platform. 

Since 2012, we've hired a combination of senior Java developers and architects to evolve Bizwatch into a self-serve software platform, as opposed to an agency platform.  Bizwatch currently has on its team:

  1. 2 senior Java Developers & Architects
  2. JQuery & HTML5, CSS developer
  3. 2 graphic designers
  4. 1 web developer & designer
  5. 2 search marketers

Mike Eldredge continues to provide technology consultation.  We've worked with Mike for over 14 years (through Bizresearch & now, Bizwatch).


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Recent Conferences where Thieme has presented on PPC Audits, Mobile Advertising and Search Marketing Tactics


Mike Sack, CEO, Teracode

John Marshall, CTO, Market Motive

Mike Eldredge, CEO, tekOrange

Elaine Grice, Digital Marketing Manager

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SMI Analytics DBA Bizwatch uses information it collects to improve its UX/UI, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction rates.  In certain scenarios, we may choose to use this information in aggregate or individual format for research, and/or marketing/advertising purposes.  If a client does not want their information used, please contact us before using or benefiting from our software tools, especially our free automated PPC/SEO audit tool. 


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