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SEO Case Study

PPC & SEO Auditing Case Study


Challenge: Improve PPC Conversion Rates & Lower Cost Per Acquisition
                    Improve SEO Rankings for Core Keyword Phrases

PPC & SEO Audit Solution: Advised client on the following:

  • Dynamic SEO strategy along with manual SEO for core keyword phrases
  • Focused on popular & core keyword phrases for consumer electronics industry
  • Advised on dynamic page titles, headings, dynamic meta descriptions
  • Advised on brand SEO strategy vs non-brand keyword phrases
  • Reviewed Google Webmaster Data, including sitemaps, keyword visibility reports as reported by Webmaster, meta data
  • Performed keyword research for all categories, subcats and best selling products
  • Reviewed PPC conversion data
  • Reviewed Google Adwords search query data
  • Noted conversions were being inflated
  • Noted brand name was hidden in non-brand for apparent keyword improvements
  • Agreed to help them find an in-house resource, and transition as their PPC manager until that in-house resource was identified and hired

PPC & SEO Audit Results: Over the course of nearly 18 months, the following improvements occurred:

  • Increased CTR
  • Increased CVR
  • Lowered Cost Per Conversion for Most Brand Campaigns Where Product Was Sold Online vs in Store
  • Improved Tracking to Monitor over 650 keywords in Bizwatch's SEO Performance Reports
  • Over 150 Top 5 SEO Rankings & climbing
  • Assisted company with hiring in-house digital marketing manager



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