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SEO Auditing: Determine Why B2B Company Lost SEO Rankings


SEO Challenge: Client’s website was hacked and over 25,000 links were inserted into their website's source code through hidden directories and files. As a result, the site began to lose SEO rankings for popular keyword phrases and was blacklisted by Google.

SEO Solution: Bizresearch conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, competitive market assessment and coordinated SEO campaign management, which included:

  • Updating on-site SEO campaign management strategy
  • Focusing executive management on keywords that converted while working on restoring SEO rankings in Google
  • Hiring an additional SEO expert to handle specific technical issues associated with link farm blacklisting
  • Eliminating paid links
  • Identifying additional inbound links that were not relevant, inappropriate and needed to be cleaned up
  • Setting up trend analysis using Bizwatch Reports to track improvements and drops in target keywords

SEO Results: Over the course of 9 months the following improvements took place:

  • The spike was when they were blacklisted.  They were at 94, at their worst due to the SEO blacklisting in Google in 2008. 
  • Restored SEO rankings for popular keyword phrases that were previously lost (see Chart), over nine months.
  • Improved SEO competitor market share of top five rankings
  • Client now has 257 top five rankings (originally had 111), and outranks its leading competitor’s (who only has 101 top 5 rankings)
  • Redirected SEO strategies to keywords that consistently lead to a conversion in both organic and paid search (PPC) results

SEO Organic Visibility Status Update

As of March 2014, this B2B web site has maintained top 3 organic ranking for its core keyword phrase.  See chart and note how stable this organic ranking has been in Google, although they have recently experienced a slight decline in organic ranking as noted in the updated chart below.  In order to maintain SEO rankings, sites need to monitor their rankings every two weeks to determine what is causing a change in ranking, and review the results each month.

They have maintained first page rankings are currently #6 in Google's organic rankings (as seen in the SEO ranking chart).


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