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PPC Audit Case Study

Challenge: Client’s cost per conversion for their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns were nearly double company’s expected budget goal.

Solution: Bizwatch pulled their historical data, and prepared a thorough PPC campaign audit & analysis with detailed recommendations that included:

  • Review of click-thru rates per campaign, ad group and keyword
  • Review of conversions by campaign, ad group and keyword over the past 13 months
  • Noted several common mistakes were made in the campaign settings
  • Noted several common mistakes were made in the keyword set up
  • Analyzed keywords that failed to meet the standard industry expectations, along with client executive expectations on cost per conversion or cost per lead
  • Noted top ten advertising mistakes, commonly made, even by some of the best advertising gurus (mostly due to time constraints or otherwise), were causing poor key performance indicator (KPI) trends
  • Recommendations were made; in-house team made most of the changes
  • Continue to review their Bizwatch monthly trend reports to ensure KPIs are trending the way they want
  • When trends begin to fail or decline, Bizwatch catches it early and notes it to in-house marketing manager


  • Increased conversion rates by over 300%
  • Improved click thru rates
  • Using advanced keyword conversion analysis and Bizwatch Search Analytics, cost per conversion were significantly lowered to meet company’s goal (See Chart above)
  • Reduced total PPC campaign costs by 40% (to meet client’s monthly budget) despite increase in total # of conversion and lower CPC
  • Net .5M new revenue, two years in a row, each year
  • Redirected PPC strategies to keywords that consistently lead to a conversion

Ready to partner with Bizwatch, to positively impact your Google Adwords PPC Campaigns?   Bizwatch catches the most common Google Adwords common advertising mistakes, and enables clients to improve click-thru rates (CTR), conversions, leads or transactions, conversion rates (CVR) and lower cost per conversion or cost per acquisition (CPA).  Retailers may refer to CPA as cost per transaction.


SMI Analytics DBA Bizwatch is Google Certified and a Google Partner.  Click on the image link to validate our status.



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