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SEO & PPC Search Marketing Case Studies

With over 15 years of SEO, PPC and website/keyword conversion analytics experience, our search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) clients make up a wide range of industries, products and services. These diversified clients share a common goal - the need for SEO and paid search advertising (PPC) to generate more leads at a lower cost per conversion.


In each of the presented case studies below, Bizwatch Search Analytics was able to make a difference in our clients visibility, traffic, leads and profitability.


SEO Case Study: How We Restored A Blacklisted B2B Company's Search Engine Rankings


Learn how we helped a B2B technology company handle a hacked website and link farm, which caused a Google SEO blacklisting for core search engine organic rankings.


PPC Case Study: How We Lowered a B2B's Lead Conversion Cost in PPC Campaign


Find out how Bizwatch worked with a B2B rental company to lower their PPC cost per conversion by almost 40%.

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