March 22, 2017

Custom PPC Audit

Google AdWords Paid Search/PPC Audit & Cleanup

Includes a Google AdWords paid search audit, cleanup, restructuring ad campaign, new display ads & first two weeks of campaign management.  60 hours of marketing consulting services.  

  • Pull last 13 months of AdWords data at the campaign, ad group & keyword level
  • Determine greatest success/failures across all campaigns, ad groups & keywords
  • Ensure data integrity (AdWords conversion tracking) by auditing entire lead process from AdWords search to form submission confirmations & code audit
  • Audit Google Analytics conversion tracking, goals vs AdWords
  • Analyze YOY key performance indicators (KPIs) and 13-month trends
  • Analyze campaign & ad group strategy, including account structure & settings
  • Analyze keyword & bidding strategy, including by device type and/or locations
  • Analyze mobile vs desktop/laptop KPI performance
  • Audit & analyze overall 13-month Analytics trends across main KPIs including device category and conversion KPIs
  • Audit & analyze ad copy & performance KPIs
  • Audit & analyze remarketing ads, display targeting, placements, Analytics KPIs related to pages & session length
  • Audit & analyze negative keyword strategy
  • Analyze conversion tracking in Google Analytics, Adwords link and anything else of relevance, including lead form funnel (URL tracking)
  • Access and review Google Search Console to ensure there is not anything else we need to be aware of that could be harming or contributing to YOY KPI changes
  • Determine cost per lead/conversion acceptable conversion rates by brand (top 10 leading brands in AdWords)
  • Determine top 10 areas for significant improvement (or more, if necessary)
  • Present top-performing keywords with supporting trend data
  • Present keywords/campaigns that should be cut based on historical data or learn reasons as to why we should optimize instead of cut
  • Present cleanup strategy, which may include re-organizing and/or re-building certain campaigns.