Blogging, SEO & Keyword Research

by Laura Thieme

What is the difference between a post and a new page in WordPress blogs?  You can add blog posts from the left hand navigation, add new post, but you can also create a page within your WordPress blog entry, which will create a submenu in your blog post.

A lot of people say they feel the need to blog solely for SEO purposes, or to generate leads.  Blogging is great for SEO, in fact it drives a lot of our Google & Bing organic traffic or referrals to our site.  I often take 30 minutes to an hour to create a basic blog post, publish it, and then look for ways to improve it.  If you hire a blogger, you can have him/her create blog entries, put them in draft mode, and publish when you’ve approved, and/or after you or he/she has edited it.

When creating a blog for SEO purposes, you need to do your keyword research.  You can have us determine the best keywords by ordering a keyword discovery report for $99, or you can find out how many people are searching for your 10 keywords of interest by ordering a free SEO audit here.

  1. Learn the right keywords to target based on relevancy to your specified landing page, or blog entry/post
  2. Use an external tool, or Bizwatch’s Keyword Discovery report to determine the most popular, relevant keyword phrases (keyword research, keyword discovery, seo for WordPress)
  3. Make a list of 5-10 target SEO keywords for each blog post
  4. Optimize blog post name with 1-2 of your target SEO keywords
  5. optimize page content with 5-10 target seo keywords
  6. Optimize out-bound links for SEO keyword phrases
  7. Create categories that match your SEO keywords
  8. Create tags that match SEO words
  9. Publish

It’s very simple to optimize your blog entry for SEO purposes, but perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when you blog for SEO, is the following:

  • Are you creating content people will want to not only find, but share with others via their social media networks (Facebook, G+ or Google Plus, or Twitter)?
  • Are you persuading people to a particular call to action, which is either a contact form, or to engage with you in some way?
  • Why does this page deserve to be ranked above all others in Google & Bing for a popular keyword phrase?
  • Just because you have 5-10 keyword phrases in your page or blog post title, page content and links coming in and going out to relevant content, does not mean your site deserves to be on the first page for a given keyword phrase.
  • So, with SEO, you have to create valuable content, then link to it from your own social media properties to encourage Google to index it in their search engine database, then you have to hope others will find it valuable enough to share amongst their network.  All of these are required for today’s SEO marketing methods.


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