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How Well Do You Rank for Your Products or Services in Google? Get an SEO Report

by Laura Thieme

How well does your site show up for your product names and/or services in Google? When was the last time you pulled an SEO & Keyword Discovery Report on your desired keyword phrases?

During Friday night’s Shark Tank (2/22/2013) on ABC at 9 pm EST, I ran some SEO reports on two of the entrepreneurial startup companies featured (Addison’s Wonderland and Proof Eyewear) to see how they rank.  I posted the results at the end of the show (see below).

Addisonswonderland.com is a children’s decor & bedding company.  They have absolutely ADORABLE items you’d want in your daughter’s childhood room.  See pictures below.


So how well did Addison’s show up for their related keyword phrases?  Who are their top SEO Competitors? Review Addison Wonderland’s first Bizwatch SEO & Keyword Discovery Report.

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