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Ever Feel Like You Need to Put Out an SOS On Your Digital Marketing (Adwords, SEO & Social Media Marketing) Efforts?

Update: 9/15/15 IMAGE REMOVED after receiving threatening letter from MICHAEL HILSHEIMER OF MASTERFILE CORPORATION. I’ve been informed that a beach image, which I acquired by using Google image search is illegally being used. I have also been charged $2,200 or they will sue me for additional damages. When I used Google images, I was completely unaware that the image was copyright protected. There have only been 11 UNIQUE page views to this page since 2014, of which at least two are mine, and at least one or two is Masterfile’s, perhaps other parties. Clearly there was no commercial benefit. I subscribe to Shutterstock’s image database, and get approximately 5 medium size images for around $56, so I’m unclear as to why I should pay such an exorbitant amount for one image, that I thought was free and in the public domain. Please note that I’ve updated the image with one I’ve taken with my family on 9/15/15. Good thing I live near the beach.

by Laura Thieme

Have you ever needed to put out an SOS for anything related to your business? If you are a business owner or high level marketing executive, you’ve probably needed to do this at least once in your career.  When you desperately need help, to whom do you entrust to determine and solve the problem?

Image free to use by SMI Analytics DBA Bizwatch, Inc.  Under no circumstances is this image copyright protected by anyone.  It's free to use by anyone, anytime.

Image free to use by SMI Analytics DBA Bizwatch, Inc. Under no circumstances is this image copyright protected by anyone. It’s free to use by anyone, anytime.

You need to identify the following:

  1. Is the problem affecting revenue
  2. Does it affect leads or conversions
  3. What is the root of the problem
  4. Do you know how to effect change
  5. Do you have someone who can?

Any time I have ever had a revenue problem, I look at what drives the best revenue.

Existing Customers.

So, when customers ask how do we increase revenue or bump up sales, I ask the following questions:

  • How often are you doing email marketing (especially if they are e-commerce retailers?)
  • How often do you pick up the phone with your existing customer base, if B2B?
  • Are you engaging in Adwords or PPC to acquire new customers?
  • Are you doing any social media marketing (with boosted ads) to nurture your existing customers?

If you don’t have a Constant Contact or similar email marketing program in place, along with someone who can maintain and update your email database, that uses industry-standard best practices for email marketing, you need it.  So, engage in email marketing along with remembering to pick up the phone and call on your existing customer base to ensure you’re doing everything you can to serve them best.

Digital marketing (PPC, SEO & Social) can help with both new customer acquisition as well as increasing revenue with existing customers.  You can dramatically increase business with an Adwords campaign, which will help you to determine how to better invest in a long-term acquisition strategy with SEO, as well as increase engagement with your existing customers via social media marketing.


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