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Keyword Discovery – Research & Analysis – Which Keywords Should You Target for SEO & PPC?

by Laura Thieme

Get Your Free PPC & SEO Keyword Discovery Report in Less Than 10 Minutes

Get Your Free PPC & SEO Keyword Discovery Report in Less Than 10 Minutes

Which keywords should you target for your e-commerce or lead-generation website? You might turn to Wordtracker.com or other keyword suggestion tools to determine the most popular keyword phrases:

Here’s a recent example of yoga-related products:

  • yoga pants
  • yoga mat
  • yoga mats
  • bolster
  • bolsters
  • yoga products
  • yoga music
  • balance balls

The most popular keyword phrase becomes quickly evident when you do your keyword research.  So, is that the best keyword to target in SEO & PPC?

Here’s what you need to check next.

  1. Review the Top SEO Ranked Competitors (pull a Bizwatch PPC & SEO Audit, which can get updated monthly)
  2. Pull historical performance data for both Pay Per Click & SEO data
  3. It’s easier to see performance data (ecommerce conversion metrics) with PPC data than it is organic
  4. It’s easy to see engagement metrics in the absence of performance data for organic, as long as you are viewing your Google Analytics reports, or Bizwatch monthly reports
  5. If you see the following engagement metrics, this is a good sign that the keywords above are strong performers:
    1. >2% CTR
    2. > 3 pages per session
    3. > 2 minutes per session
    4. <25% bounce rate
    5. new visitor
  6. If you see the following performance metrics, it’s typically a good keyword
    1. >2% CTR with <3.0 average position
    2. >2% CVR (although 2% may not be enough for some sites)
    3. <$50 cost per acquisition, OR a 5:1 ROAS (return on ad spend)
  7. As noted above, you can see performance metrics for PPC, but not for organic in Google Analytics.  You can only see engagement metrics. Thanks, Google for that! :-(

Also good to note historical data vs current trends, as well as seasonal data.  Some keywords perform better during seasonal peaks and less so throughout the year. You may not be able to afford to target certain keywords at various times of year in PPC, due to cost of acquisition being greater than the acceptable target ROAS.

See how your data looks in Bizwatch’s PPC & SEO Keyword Discovery Reports, along with the Top SEO Ranked Competitors.  The first report is free for 10 keywords for one domain, and it can pull your last two calendar months of PPC data for free.  After that, SEO reports that deliver ongoing keyword discovery and analysis (based on engagement metrics and what’s available in Analytics), and PPC reports deliver performance metrics.  Plans start at $99/month.

Get Your Free PPC & SEO Keyword Discovery Report in Less Than 10 Minutes

Get Your Free PPC & SEO Keyword Discovery Report in Less Than 10 Minutes

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