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April 12 Shark Tank Repeat Episode Cool Wazoo

by Laura Thieme

I’m watching a repeat episode tonight on Shark Tank, which I saw once before.  But for those of you who might have missed it, it’s still an opportunity for search marketing keyword discovery.

Ginelle Mills. Cool Wazoo Diaper Bags.  Seeking $65k for a 25% stake.  $14k in sales. Costing $30 to make one convertible diaper bag/cover/changing pad.  Her husband has lost $96k.

Keywords related:

  • Diaper bag – 115
  • car shade – 24
  • changing pad
  • diaper cover – 45
  • cowboy changing pad cover – 33
  • changing pad – 18
  • changing table pad – 16

Mark Cuban said the right thing, he’d have to invest too much in her, to make this a company, not just one product.  At this point, Ginelle did what many an entrepreneur does, they give up everything with little cost.  As a result, Lori Greiner comes back and really helps Ginelle.  The sharks asked Lori why she didn’t try to take control of the company.  In this case, Lori wanted to help Ginelle more than making lots of money.

Ulta Beauty Nail*Pak – 50k bottles, .75M in sales.  She got the deal to put Nail*Pak in stores nationwide.  From Season 3.

  • Nail Pak – 29
  • duality nail pak – 2

Bruce Gaither – No Fly Cone is seeking $25k for a 15% stake

  • venus fly trap – 562
  • fly trap – 117
  • horse fly – 128
  • horse fly trap – 19
  • horse fly control trap – 15
  • fly sticky trap – 1

His product was not attractive for the sharks.

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