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Compare SEO to planting bulbs in the Fall so you can have Spring flowers.  If you’ve ever planted bulbs, this might sound familiar: Purchase bulbs Note: If you want 8-10 flowers, buy 20 bulbs. Squirrels, moles, rodents & deer will … Continue reading

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Need to Increase Engagement Metrics & Conversion Rates for Google Ad Campaigns? Here are some items to incorporate into your landing page content: Incorporate your target Google Adwords keyword phrases into your landing page’s title <title>.  Your content management system … Continue reading

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Digital Marketing 101 Series This is the first in a five-part Digital Marketing 101 series, specifically geared towards SMBs.  Once a week, we’ll cover one of the five Internet marketing methods and discuss benefits & limitations. Five Ways to Promote … Continue reading

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by Laura Thieme Ever wish you could see Google Analytics engagement metrics inside Google Adwords without having to go back and forth between Analytics? Now, you can. Here’s how to do it: Log in to Google Adwords and choose the … Continue reading

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