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by Michelle Garrett, writer, consultant and Entrepreneur contributor I want to get up to speed on the latest in SEO, PPC and social…but I don’t have time to travel to a conference… Is this you? Do you wish you could attend an SEO/PPC conference but simply don’t have the time–or budget–to travel? Or maybe you have a new hire or contractor you need to quickly onboard. If you’re in the Irvine area, Laura Thieme’s bootcamp will teach you in one day the basics of SEO, PPC and social media, so if you need a refresher or want to get a new hire up to speed quickly, this is the workshop for you. For those in search marketing, social marketing or for marketing professionals who are new to search, this hands-on session will cover the most important components to maximize your efforts. You’ll also receive one-on-one coaching from an industry veteran, named a top 25 and top 100 industry expert. You’ll learn:    

  • How to conduct keyword discovery, a major component of your digital marketing “secret sauce.”
  • How to conduct an SEO audit, including review of keyword groups and recommendations on how to improve
  • How to optimize your site, such as secrets to achieve a top 5 organic ranking the ethical way

Still not sure you want to attend? Watch this YouTube video—one of her most popular—to get a taste of  what you’ll learn: Having seen Laura in action, I can tell you she knows her stuff–it will be time well spent! Two sessions, one Sept. 24 and one Oct. 20, will be held at the Irvine Business Center, so you can choose the one that best fits into your schedule.

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